T1 rental

Subtly different from the studio, the T1 accommodation is a good option for those who wish to separate kitchen and living space. The price of rent being quite attractive, this type of accommodation is very coveted. We summarize what there is to know about T1 housing!


The denominations T1, T2, T3, T4 etc. relate to the number of rooms that make up the dwelling. The term "T1" designates an apartment consisting of a single room, separated from the kitchen. Good to know: bathrooms and toilets are not counted in the number of rooms. Generally speaking, in a one-bedroom apartment, the large living room is used as both the living room and the bedroom. The average price of a one-bedroom apartment in France is €430/month (and can go up to €850/month in intramural Paris). This type of accommodation generally attracts students or young working people.

What is the difference between a one-bedroom apartment and a studio?


The T1 apartment is often confused with what are called studios. However, these are two different types of accommodation! Indeed, the studio only offers a main room serving as a living room and a bedroom, in which the kitchen (or small kitchenette) is included in the room. In a one-bedroom apartment, the kitchen is a separate room from the bedroom. In this type of accommodation, there are therefore two very distinct rooms: the kitchen and the bedroom, not to mention the bathroom which is necessarily a separate room. The main difference to note is therefore the presence of a separate kitchen! On the other hand, the difference in rent between a one-bedroom rental and a studio is minimal since the rent mainly depends on the number of square meters: it takes an average of €500/month of rent in France for this type of accommodation. Good to know: the price also varies depending on the location. It reaches €750 or more in the Paris region and can go down to less than €300 in areas where rental pressure is lowest.


Did you know? Rental tension is the ratio between rental supply and demand in a city. We speak of rental tension when demand is greater than supply. It is low when there are more rental housing offers than requests.


Which tenant for a T1?


The one-bedroom apartment is an ideal type of accommodation for a tenant who lives alone, for example for a student or a young worker. A one-bedroom apartment is very similar to what a studio can offer: it can even have the same surface area. The T1 apartment, on the other hand, offers the possibility of apparently having two separate rooms: the living room and the kitchen generally. The separation of living spaces is more marked and more pleasant for many tenants.


Young workers who have just obtained their first job also tend to look for a one-bedroom apartment as their first home. First and obviously because rent remains affordable for the first salaries, but also because the layout of this type of apartment makes it different from a student apartment where some eat, sleep and work in the same place!


The benefits of a T1


Today, the average surface of a T1 is between 27m² and 30m². For a person who lives alone (a student or a single person for example), this type of accommodation is quite ideal. The surface can be relatively large, but above all the fact of having two completely separate rooms is a significant criterion for everyday life.


Having two strictly separated rooms makes it possible to distinguish two very different living spaces. Often, you can turn the kitchen on one side and on the other a large living room which is both the living room and the bedroom. Sometimes, the layout of the apartment allows you to have the kitchen open to the living room and thus reserve the second room only for the sleeping area.


T1 rentals are part of the small surface housing and therefore generally have a fairly high turnover of tenants. For tenants, this means that the market is always likely to offer new accommodation: the search is in principle less laborious than for larger properties. For students, you have to be prepared to be very reactive because the greatest turnover takes place at the time of the results of school competitions between June or July, or at the end of the academic year between April and June.


Another criterion can be significant in the search for a rental apartment: furnished accommodation. Most accommodation with a small surface area is often rented for shorter periods, and therefore furnished to allow turnkey installation, without having to plan regular moves. Students or young workers are likely to change accommodation quickly and often. The Studapart figures clearly show this increase in rental requests for periods of less than six months. They represented 17.5% of requests in 2020, and will reach 31.2% in 2021. This is why many of them are looking for furnished accommodation to avoid the organizations of real moves which are often expensive and very tiring.


If you are looking for a T1 rental, you will therefore have a good chance of finding furnished apartments.

The variant with a T1 bis


During your research, accommodations called T1 bis will surely be offered to you. This variant of the T1 apartment is in fact an apartment which will always consist of one room but will have a major advantage: an additional room which cannot be counted as a separate room. This space can be an alcove, a mezzanine or even a small room with no opening to the outside. Many tenants may see it as a storage facility or even an extra room to optimize. The additional spaces of a T1 bis generally allow a saving of space which is very attractive. In the case of a mezzanine, the young tenant can create a real sleeping area there and reserve the large room for the living room and the work area.


In general, the supply of one-bedroom apartments is quite high in cities, and especially in student cities. And for good reason, the one-room apartment is the most famous search among tenants since it represents 31% of requests in France (in these figures, studios and T1 are combined). T1 remains the preferred choice of students and young professionals who are looking for temporary accommodation: 60% of students choose one-room accommodation for their university course. This particularity makes the turnover of tenants very intense for this type of accommodation and thus makes it possible to have a fairly wide offer.


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