T2 rental

After the studio, the T1 or even the T1 bis, here comes the T2! What is its difference in terms of number of rooms or surface area and who is more likely to seek a T2 accommodation? We tell you everything!


The T2 apartment refers to apartments that are composed of two separate rooms, not including the bathroom, toilet and kitchen. T2 apartments are generally composed of a bedroom and a living room. This designation does not include additional spaces, such as mezzanines or small balconies as in the case of a T1 bis. On average, the average surface of a T2 is estimated at 45m². Obviously, this average can vary a lot since it is not the surface but the number of rooms that makes it possible to classify the apartments. In terms of prices, renting a one-bedroom apartment is estimated at €700/month on average in France and can reach €1,200/month in Paris. Thus, to move from a studio to a one-bedroom apartment and thus have an additional room, it will take an average of around €200/month of additional budget.


For which tenant profiles is the T2 apartment ideal?


For students


A two-room apartment can be inhabited by a student whose housing budget is quite high. If the T2 requires a few tens of euros more than a T1 in some student cities, the living environment is much more pleasant there. The luxury of having the bedroom separated from the living room for a student does not have a neutral impact on the well-being of the tenant. Because the bedroom is separated from the main room, it offers an office space for students in peace, which has become a big plus since the health crisis and the development of distance learning courses.


Some students also manage to live together in this type of accommodation. The living room is therefore non-existent in this case. On the other hand, the two rooms must both have a fairly spacious surface that allows you to create several living spaces within the bedroom itself. The kitchen can be used in this case as a small living room.

For young workers


A T2 could perfectly correspond to a young active person in full job search or who wishes to settle in a new city in order to integrate his very first job. Compared to students who do not yet receive a stable income, young working people have a little more means, which will allow them to pay for the rent of a T2. It will also be an asset for them in their organization and their comfort due to the spacious accommodation where they will have no trouble separating the work area and the sleeping area. They will also be able to welcome friends or family to their home while keeping their private space.


For young couples


In the case of a young couple, the T2 apartment is an ideal place of residence. The second room is only used as a living room. Assuming that the rent is halved, renting a two-room apartment becomes very affordable for a young couple.


Why choose a one-bedroom apartment? Benefits


Spacious accommodation for one or two people


As described above, if the tenant can afford to live in a two-room apartment, his living environment will be optimized. Indeed, he will have at his disposal an entire room that he can devote to his sleeping area. The young worker is not obliged to mix his bedroom with his office since the main room can easily accommodate an office area. Indeed, the living room gives the inhabitant the opportunity to set up a lounge area, to relax or receive friends, but also an office area so as not to have to work in the bedroom and encroach on the space. reserved for sleep.

The water rooms that are the toilets, the kitchen and the bathroom are also separate rooms within the accommodation itself. This development is a real luxury for a young worker.


In the case of a young couple, the T2 apartment is surely the best option. With an average surface area of ​​around 45m², a two-room apartment is an opportunity to live together while still having certain privacy spaces so as not to necessarily be in the same room. The surface of a two-room apartment allows the couple to have a sleeping area well separated and delimited from the rest of the apartment. Also, the living room is also a room that can receive and accommodate people, even being transformed into a guest room if necessary.

Several possible layouts


The other advantage that can be cited in a two-room apartment is the possibility of better organizing the apartment. Indeed, the layout can take several forms and there are more storage spaces in a T2. Compared to a T1 bis, the advantage is in the real partitioned additional room. It is not just an additional space such as an alcove or a mezzanine, but a real living room with a separate kitchen.


Apartments classified as T2 are among the most numerous apartments on the French real estate market. These are apartments that are easily offered in the form of furnished accommodation. For the profile of these tenants who are looking for short or medium-term accommodation, a furnished apartment is often very attractive because it allows you to save money: money savings first of all because furnished accommodation avoids investing in expensive furniture such as the bed, the sofa, the cupboards, but also time savings because furnished accommodation eliminates the stage of the big move.


Concerning the furnished T2, they are much more coveted because of the practical side. Indeed, all the furniture and utensils necessary for everyday life are already present on site, this makes it possible to avoid additional expenses. Here is a list of furniture you can find:


  • The bed and its duvet
  • A table and chairs
  • Storage shelves
  • A wardrobe or chest of drawers
  • A fully equipped kitchen
  • Plates, cutlery and glasses
  • A refrigerator with freezer compartment
  • Equipment to maintain the house such as a vacuum cleaner or a broom.


T2 rentals are very successful in France


In 2019, apartments listed as T2 accounted for almost 30% of rental searches in France. This statistic places these apartments in second place among the most requested accommodations. This means that the rotations of tenants are very rhythmic for this type of surface. Demand is therefore quite strong, especially in large cities during periods of high demand such as the end and the beginning of the university years.


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