T3 rental

Neither too big nor too small? T3 housing can present itself as the solution to have more space but still keep privacy and convenience. Studapart has taken stock of the essentials and gives you some tips!


An apartment that bears the name T3 is an accommodation that offers three separate rooms. In general, there will be two separate bedrooms, as well as a large living room. Added to this are the necessary rooms such as bathrooms, toilets and the kitchen. It should be noted that in the case of a T3, the kitchen is not necessarily a separate room, it can be directly open to the large living room.


What tenant profiles are T3 apartments intended for?




T3 apartments are accommodations that can perfectly correspond to the life of a shared apartment. If some tenants prefer to live in an apartment alone, and will opt for a studio or a T1 (see a T2 for the most advantageous budgets), a significant proportion of French or foreign tenants choose shared accommodation as a way of life. With Friends as a reference, it is true that shared accommodation offers many advantages in terms of lifestyle: social relationship, distribution of daily expenses, help of all kinds, etc. The presence of two separate bedrooms allows each tenant to enjoy their personal space. The living room allows you to share moments of life together: watch television, share a good dinner, or even perhaps work together. Shared rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom and living room allow each roommate to store their belongings throughout the apartment and not to cram everything into their room, which is often the case in a smaller apartment.


The T3, ideal for a couple of young professionals


The second bedroom can be used as an extra room for a guest bedroom, an office, a dressing room, or even a gym! We could even set up an office there for telecommuting. The advantage of this third room is that the bedroom is only reserved for the night. The living room also has only to fulfill its role as a convivial room. All the rest of the activities do not have to encroach on the living room. No more stacks of papers and computers reminding you of work hours to catch up on or prepare for dinner time.


For a couple with child


The second bedroom is also a godsend for a young couple who are about to have a child or who already have one! This space reserved solely for the child allows the couple to retain their privacy and their personal place, while the child can appropriate their room without invading the parents' sleeping area.

The advantages of a T3 accommodation


The advantage of a T3 lies in the possibility of living with several people. If we can imagine that the T3 is a space necessarily larger than the T2, we must keep in mind that this is not always the case. In the case of an apartment where the bedrooms are very small (9m² minimum), the total area of ​​the apartment can be equal to that of a one-bedroom apartment where the two rooms would be very spacious.


The other advantage of a T3 is the fact that this type of property is easily found in the form of a duplex. A duplex apartment is an apartment that spans two floors. This spatial separation makes it possible to create an even clearer distinction between two spaces. For a flatshare, the duplex gives the flatmates the possibility of having rooms far from each other and of having for each "a part" of the apartment: an effective solution to guarantee the privacy of each flatmate. !


For a couple, this type of property allows you to have an office or dressing area, making the rest of the apartment more pleasant. Having a third place is an advantage not to be overlooked: the living room is entirely reserved for entertaining or enjoying the apartment. With telework which tends to become more democratic in the long term, we are led to spend more time in our place of residence. Thus, we must learn to appropriate our place of life and to clearly delimit it according to the activities we have.


The price of T3 is also an interesting criterion to take into account for the tenant. Please note: accommodation category, size and price may vary. So it is quite possible to come across a T3 accommodation smaller than a T2 rental. The T2 apartment may have fewer rooms and yet be larger and the T3 apartment may have more rooms but be as large as a T2.


This criterion is also an argument for choosing a roommate. The difference in rent to be paid between a single T2 apartment and a shared T3 apartment is not always very significant, especially since the shared T3 apartment allows you to live in a larger space. Obviously, the increase in rent is more significant in the big cities and more particularly in Île-de-France and in Paris intra muros.


Apartments of the T3 type are not considered rare housing, so the search does not have to take a lot of time. In the case of students, it should be noted that more and more of them are choosing shared accommodation as a way of life. This means that in large student cities, competition is a little more intense, especially if the search takes place during periods of general turnover of tenants.

Studapart to guide you


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