T4 rental

If you want to live in large spaces, with friends or family, the T4 may be for you. Studapart tells you all about this type of accommodation where the friendly atmosphere is at the rendez-vous!

A T4 type apartment is a dwelling that contains four separate rooms. Most often it is three separate bedrooms and a living room. Then you have to add the bathroom, the toilets and the kitchen, which are not counted. In terms of size, the denomination T4 designates apartments of a relatively large size: the apartments have an average surface area of ​​around 80m². This type of accommodation is generally dedicated to long-term rentals, that is to say leases of at least 1 year renewable. However, there is nothing to prevent you from considering shorter-term (or not!) roommates in this type of apartment.


For whom is a 4-bedroom apartment ideal?


A T4 apartment is ideal accommodation for a family with two children. The three bedrooms make it possible to give each member of the family a personal space. The layout of the apartment often gives access to a large living room. This kind of large living room is an opportunity to find the right arrangement between what is called the television area and the dining area. It is an ideal space to share moments with the family.


T4 rentals are also accommodations that can be shared. It is true that many landlords are reluctant to choose students or young graduates as tenants for various reasons: late rent payments, poor maintenance of the apartment, possibilities of festive meetings... But many between them see no inconvenience! The T4 apartment allows you to move in with two other people and share everyday moments. Whether the roommates know each other or not, the T4 accommodation allows everyone to have their personal space and privacy thanks to the three bedrooms, while being able to share convivial moments during meals or evenings. For students or young professionals who arrive in a new city for studies, this type of shared accommodation is an opportunity to make friends more quickly and to adapt more easily to the new living environment.


The advantages behind choosing a T4


A T4 apartment is an ideal place to set up your main residence. These accommodations have the advantage of being large spaces where it is easy to imagine living there for several years in a row. Also, it is not uncommon to find other rooms not counted in the description: there may be a second bathroom, other separate toilets, very practical storage cupboards for a family that can accumulate a lot of 'objects.


Renting a T4 apartment is also an opportunity to develop your creativity. This type of apartment is often synonymous with spacious rooms that are just waiting to be decorated by you. The layout of an apartment contributes to the development of a real “home” where you can flourish!


A T4 is a bit like a house without the disadvantages!


If we reason according to the space of the accommodation, the surface of the T4 can vary from 80m² to more than 100m², that is to say the equivalent of certain houses. If the inhabitants of houses tend to criticize apartment living without access to the outside, large apartments such as 4 rooms have nothing to envy them. Firstly because in terms of surface, the T4 can be large enough to believe in a house, but also because the maintenance of a house is much more laborious than the maintenance of an apartment. Indeed, an apartment that belongs to a building sees many maintenance subjects relegated to co-ownership such as facades, common areas, etc. … The general maintenance of an apartment is often less expensive than that of a house, even if it is rented.


Things to keep in mind when renting a 3-bedroom apartment


Choosing a T4 as your main family home or as part of a shared apartment requires taking certain details into account before really taking the plunge. The size of the apartment, although attractive on paper, can be a bit more negative. For example for the furniture: if you don't have a lot of furniture at your disposal, the apartment will likely seem empty, but above all resonate much more than a more furnished apartment. Do not panic: all cities offer access to sellers or resellers who will allow you to equip yourself at a low price.


If the equipment of an internet connection is essential in many households or shared accommodation, a large apartment requires optimizing the location of the internet box. Indeed, few wifi bases cover a space of several tens of meters in length. By placing the box in the main room, all the inhabitants of the accommodation are free to access the connection.


The last point to keep in a corner of your head is obviously the subject of cleaning. A larger space is necessarily longer to clean and requires more effort in its maintenance than a studio. In the context of a roommate, it is quite common to make cleaning schedules between roommates, making the chore less painful. For families, one can imagine that the parents' salaries can allow them to authorize the help of a professional several times a month. These kinds of points are still to be taken into account before choosing to live in a larger accommodation.


T4s are still fairly easy to find in city centers


For roommate searches, tenants should keep in mind that they may find themselves "in competition" with a family. It is true that a certain number of owners prefer to rent to a family rather than to several students or young professionals. A tip for young roommates: look less in residential neighborhoods and more in dynamic city centers often avoided by families who tend to prefer quiet neighborhoods.


Studapart to guide you


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