Throughout your stay, you might be required to send letters to your landlord or your service providers for various reasons. To help you with that, you will find a couple of standard letters  you can fill in here. 

Letters to your landlord


Getting along with your landlord


Letting your landlord know a bit more about you

Why not send your lessor an e-mail, or slide a letter in your rental application file, in which you explain who you are, what you like, and why you are coming to France? It's the kind of little extra that can lay the ground for a friendly relationship. Here's an example of what you could tell him!

Service charges


Request for fractionated payment of charges

If you pay charges with a provision for charges, your landlord will ask you to pay the adjustment of charges once a year if your provision for charges didn't cover the actual expenses he made in regard of charges. But if he sends you the request too late, that is to say on the year following the year of the adjustment, you can ask to pay the remaining charges in 12 installments with this letter.


Request for payback of charges

If your landlord made a miscalculation in the charges he asked from you, or if he asked you to pay for charges that aren't in the comprehensive list of rental charges recoverable by the landlord, you can ask him to pay them back to you by sending him this letter.

Asking to get your security deposit back


Request for restitution of the rental deposit

When you leave your accommodation, unless you've caused serious damage, your landlord pays you back your security deposit fully or partly, depending on the condition of the place. It's a matter you usually discuss at the moment of the check-out inventory. If your landlord doesn't pay you back the amount you agreed on, you can send him a follow-up letter.


Formal notice for restitution of the rental deposit

If your landlord leaves your reminders unanswered, you can send him a formal notice as last resort. It's best to not reach this extent though, as formal notices are a way of warning you might take legal action.

Asking to make improvement works


Asking permission to make important construction works

If you're renting a place for a while and that you're considering carrying out works that can improve the condition and raise the value of the place, you can seek permission from your landlord.

Asking to sublet


Asking permission to sublet your apartment

Say you're going on a summer holiday and you would like to sublet your place for that time and charge for a rent: you're going to need your landlord's consent for that. Here's a letter you can use to ask permission.


Bear in mind that some landlords are not very open to the idea of sublease given they don't know your sub-tenant, though.  

Getting a rent invoice


Asking for a rent receipt

You can ask your landlord to hand you a document stating you do pay your rent. Usually, landlords will already have their own set of standard rent bills at hand. If they ask you for a template, you can ask him to fill in this one.

Leaving your accommodation


One month notice

If you rent a furnished accommodation or that your place is located in a zone tendueyou have a month to give your landlord notice that you're leaving. Here's a letter you can send him to give notice.

Letters to service providers

Notifying your home insurance of a claim


Submitting your claim

If you suffered damage in the apartment, you must inform your insurance company as soon as possible so they can cover the costs of repairs.

Terminating your contracts and subscriptions

When leaving your accommodation, you will have to terminate your contracts and subscriptions associated with your stay in this accommodation. A few examples:

Closing your bank account


Requesting an account closure

Before closing your account, make sure they aren't any pending operations on it!

Cancelling your home insurance


Terminating your contract with your home insurance company

There's no need to have insurance for a place you no longer stay in! If you're terminating an insurance contract that was signed less than a year ago, you'll probably have to give notice within a given deadline.

Terminating your electricity contract


Cancelling your EDF plan

Don't forget to shut down your electricity subscription upon leaving the place!

Terminating your Internet subscription


Letter of termination for Internet plans

Do terminate Internet plans when moving!