Have you heard of coliving and want to know more? Even if you have gone through several offers, you are still not reassured and need to understand more in order to embark on the adventure. This is why Studapart has prepared everything there is to know about coliving, and you can start your research on the platform with peace of mind!


Co-living is a new concept from the United States that combines housing and the workplace. Private spaces, shared spaces, and many services are available to you while saving money. Halfway between shared accommodation and a private apartment, this could be for you!


What is co-living?

Coliving, which can be translated from English as “living together”, is a hybrid model between shared accommodation and co-working space. A concept that appeared in the 2000s in the United States, it has conquered several countries and in particular France in recent years.

The objective of these apartments is to combine workspace and housing while offering a large number of services to its occupants. The latter have a private space (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc.) but also shared spaces for working (meeting rooms, gym, library, gardens, etc.).


To make the experience more complete, the tenants of these coliving apartments have at their disposal several services which vary according to the residences. You can find there the wifi subscription, computers and printers available, a cleaning service, sports lessons, laundry, parking and many others. This panel of offers, very American, is very appreciated by tenants who seek above all to save time and money by bringing together as much as possible everything they need on a daily basis. In a world where it has become difficult to distinguish personal life from professional life, coliving appears to be a good alternative. The separation of the different spaces as well as the living environment finally make it possible to distinguish between things.


Is it for you?

From young professionals to companies, this new market allows everyone to find what they are looking for.


Young workers


With the change in our lifestyles which tends towards more and more mobility, coliving seems to be a ready-made solution for young workers who have more and more digital nomads. At a time when teleworking tends to be democratized, this new type of accommodation appears to be the right solution, in particular with the development of new ways of working: democratization of teleworking, freelancing... In a familiar but also professional setting, young assets will have no trouble concentrating on their daily missions. The accommodation being equipped with wifi, no more connection problems during videoconferences or meetings. Coliving is also a good way to meet new people and help each other in case of difficulty. Between young workers, it is easy to identify with others and with the potential obstacles encountered, and therefore to find a solution together.


People in transition


These new ways of housing can be adopted by people in transition in their lives, on assignment for a few months in a company, on an internship, or foreign students who have come for a semester. Everyone is likely to be looking for a solution to benefit from turnkey rental accommodation, while having the opportunity to build relationships, and avoid sometimes heavy loneliness.

Digital nomads, for example, prefer to gain freedom and emancipate themselves from equipment to settle in an apartment that is already furnished and fully functional. Their priority? Create links and share an experience with new people: so many guarantees of feeling good for a few months, or a few years!




Individuals are not the only ones interested in co-living. Startups, more and more numerous today, also seek to innovate for the good of their teams by offering, for example, within one of these residences, a work space for their employees but also a personal space where they can live in community and thus create even more links. This way of life also allows them to share the premises with other startups.


Why co-live?

If coliving works so well and is gaining ground in new countries, it is because it offers many advantages, both practical and economical. The very principle of coliving, like carpooling, is to save money by sharing the costs. Living and working in the same place significantly reduces expenses and travel time. Also, the duration of the lease is flexible, ranging from one month to more than a year, which allows real flexibility for its tenants.


After the health crisis, many people suffered from loneliness in their homes. They also had very limited means to be able, for example, to telecommute in good conditions. With coliving and the number of services offered there, this is no longer a problem, and you can even meet new people there every day.


It is for these reasons that co-living, a good compromise between the comfort of an apartment just for yourself and the conviviality of a shared apartment where sharing is the key word, is developing more and more in France.

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