Choosing your place without visiting it

 Traditionally, no one can book his middle or long term accommodation without visiting it. No landlord accepts that! Studapart is the only service offering this option so you can book your accommodation all the way from home. How cool is that?   

Still, as you’re not visiting the place, we’d like you to check a few little things before you make your decision, in order to be sure you don’t have any surprises when you move in and that you’re happy with your new home :)

Checking location and public transport

Since you didn’t go to the place, you obviously can’t really have an idea of the neighborhood’s atmosphere. Yet it’s a crucial matter: if you go to class a lot, you’d better find a place that’s close to your school. If you like lively areas, you’ll be better off downtown, surrounded by stores, restaurants and bars. If you’re more of a peace and quiet type of person, you better choose a residential neighborhood with green space. 


There are as many neighborhoods as there are personalities, we can help you find yours! Reach out to us over the phone if you’re lost: our support team knows french cities and can give you guidance on your city’s districts to find which area would suit you.

Your place should also be well connected so you can get to class easily. It shouldn’t be much of a problem though: in France, public transportation is rather abundant, reliable and affordable.


Why not try a Google Maps simulation to check the possible itineraries from the place’s address to your school. Unlike in certain countries, Google Maps is reliable about transport durations in France!


If you have a driver’s license, you can drive with your licence in France over the course of your stay - even if it’s non-european.

Ask the right questions: rent expenses, equipment and furniture

It can happen that the apartment is shown with furniture on the pictures, but it doesn’t always necessarily mean it’s rented with the furniture! Ask details about the furniture and the equipment you will be provided with. 

Also ask the place’s energy factor, going from A (the least energy-consuming) to G (very energy-consuming). It gives you an idea of whether your hot water and heating bills will be high or not.  

Ask about the place’s orientation and if there’s a building opposite your window in order to know if your place will be bright enough. Lack of luminosity can affect your mood - and your bills! 


The ideal orientation: room east, living room south or west if it’s not too hot in your area, and the rest up north!

Making your reservation and payment online

You saw an offer for a place you like and you wish to book it remotely? Make a booking request and put your credit card imprint on Studapart. The owner will give you an answer in the following 36 hours. If he accepts your request, service fees and the first month of rent will automatically be charged to your account. You will give the deposit to your owner once you move in, and Studapart transfers your first rent directly to your owner 24h after your arrival. 

All that without a guarantor, and without visiting!