Making a good impression on your lessor

To maximize your chances of getting the apartment you like, the owner has to get a good feeling about you. Making a good first impression is totally attainable in just a few simple steps.

Taking care of the way you look

No need to wear a suit! A simple, clean outfit along with a smile do the trick when you’re meeting your lessor. Be mindful of your attitude too. Nothing fancy - being on time is already a mark of courtesy. 

Have your rental application file prepared ahead: that way, you can submit it directly to your lessor if the visit convinced you. Hand him a clean, sorted and complete file. That says a lot about your organization and your interest in the apartment. 

If you’re a non-smoker, a scholar, or that you maintained good relations with your prior lessor, you can highlight these qualities in your application. For example, add to your application a note from your previous lessor or from a relative who accepts to act as a guarantor for you. 

If you’re going through Studapart’s online booking, things are different: you won’t visit the place and won’t meet your lessor face-to-face before you’re already admitted in the apartment. Even in these special circumstances, you can still reach out to your lessor. You could set up a meeting on Skype to get acquainted, for instance! 


The french use the good old fashioned telephone line a lot. They certainly don’t have WeChat or Viber, and don’t always have WhatsApp or Messenger either. So it’s better to contact the owner on the phone if you speak french or if there’s a language you can understand each other in. Otherwise, you can write him emails and get your discussions translated. If you’re setting up a Skype meeting, send him the link to a Skype invitation to make things simpler for him. Don’t forget your lessor probably isn’t quite young!

Courtesy and responsiveness

Your first contact with your lessor is crucial! 

In your first emails or SMS, introduce yourself clearly and avoid spelling mistakes. If someone can help you do that, you could possibly translate your messages in french - your lessor will notice the effort. 

Call from a quiet place so you can hear each other, and at decent times: from 9 in the morning and until no later than 9 in the evening. If he doesn’t answer immediately, no need to bombard him with phone calls, he probably just can’t take all the calls from each and every candidate. 

If you’re calling from your home country, don’t forget they might be a time difference with France! 


When you get an answer, be responsive! Answer as soon as possible and make yourself available.