Giving prior notice 

When you leave the apartment, you can’t just notify your landlord overnight! You have to respect prior notice to tell him. 


It’s important to give prior notice in good time, because it allows your landlord to re-let his place easily without undergoing vacancy. It’s also an opportunity for you to solidify your tenant profile on Studapart by completing it with fresh details about your previous rental, and help Studapart relocate you!

How do I give prior notice?  

To tell your landlord you’re leaving his place, you can address him a registered letter with advice of delivery, or deliver him the notice personally in return for a receipt (a note attesting your prior notice was well-received).

When should I inform of my leave?

If you rented empty housing, you will have to give prior notice within 3 months before your departure - except if your accommodation is in a zone tendue (areas where access to housing is difficult, such as Paris, Bordeaux or Lyon) where the prior notice is reduced to 1 month. In furnished housing, prior notice is also reduced to 1 month. 

Is it charged?

No, there’s nothing to pay when giving your landlord notice of your leave.