Which service charges are recoverable by the landlord? 


When renting a place, a tenant has to pay rent but also service charges, who cover for maintenance of common areas and minor repairs. In general, the landlord receives them directly and then asks you reimbursement. But the landlord can't ask his tenant to pay all charges, some of them are his to pay. 

Basically, rental charges can be associated with:

  • elevators
  • Cold water and hot water, collective heating of private and communal premises 
  • Individual heating installations
  • Communal spaces inside buildings
  • Spaces outside the buildings (roadways, parking areas, green spaces and gardens, playgrounds) : maintenance & small repairs
  • Hygiene : maintenance & small repairs
  • Miscellaneous building facilities : electricity & maintenance of ventilation
  • Taxes : mainly tax on domestic waste collection

To help you sort it out in case you have any doubts about the charges your paying, here's a comprehensive list of rental charges. If the charges you're asked to pay don't fit in that list, then they aren't yours to pay.