Save 100€ on your 1st rent not to lift a hand

On average, the rent account for up to 50% of tenant’s budget. Good news: no matter where you from, you can benefit aids to help you lighten the cost of housing. Getting it rhymes with time-consuming and complex procedures. Luckily, we have the solution!
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Up to 300€ aids per month
From the 1st day of rental
In less than 48h
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Time is money! How about saving a taste of both?
With the Benefits Assistance by Studapart, no more tearing your hair out trying to figure out the CAF's French administrative slangs. No need to wait for hours on line for answers to your question. Since making your rental experience easier is our priority, we will guide you through the process to ensure you get your housing benefits from the very 1st month effortlessly! Receive your subsidies as soon as you move in and until the end of your rental period and benefit up to 300€ of housing subsidies per month.
Who can benefit?

French and international students

French and international interns and apprentices

3 steps and deal is done!

1. Pick the appropriate offer
You must have an account located in Europe to benefit from your aid: select the offer that matches your situation! Then fill in your file. Cherry on the cake: we guide you step by step.
2. Schedule an appointment with your personal advisor
Select a date and time to meet with your personal advisor to complete your application. Psst... Complete your application 100% before your appointment to be sure it will be confirmed or back to step 1!
3. Receive your first payment!
All set! You will receive your benefits straight into your bank account from the 1st month of your rental. Everything is ready to move in peacefully.

They were waiting for it...

“What I regret on the CAF's website is the lack of effort in some pages to make the terms used understandable. There is still some administrative slang which can be a barrier to applying for benefits.”

“I work full time between my studies and my student jobs. It is impossible for me to go to the CAF during opening hours. I don't have a landline phone either and the phone is overtaxed from a mobile.”

“Once I got into my apartment, I used the CAF's website to do a housing benefit simulation and then apply for it, but I had no idea how to proceed once I was on the website.”


Frequently asked questions

Which housing benefits are concerned?

Currently, the Benefits Assistance by Studapart provides support in applying for APL and ALS. Stay tuned, our service should evolve soon.

I come to France to work, does the Benefits Assistance by Studapart apply for me?

At the moment, we only offer assistance with the Benefits Assistance by Studapart for:
French and international students,
French and international interns and apprentices.

Stay tuned, our service should evolve soon.

Psst... Studapart is open to all tenants! French or international, looking for a studio or a 3-room apartment, alone or with a family: there are offers to suit everyone!

Which documents are required to file my application?

You will need to have at your disposal:
- an ID document,
- your social security number,
- and your signed lease agreement.

These are required in order to schedule an appointment with your personal advisor.

Don’t worry about this, we guide you step by step through each stage of your application and we adapt to your situation.

Cherry on the cake: if you have already completed your rental record while logged to your account, there is no need to upload your documents again!

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