Is it possible to book accommodation without visiting it?

Visiting the accommodation is usually a prerequisite for making a reservation. Traditionally, no one can book his middle or long term accommodation without visiting it. Owners almost systematically refuse a reservation without a visit... except on Studapart! Studapart is the only service offering this option so you can book your accommodation all the way from home. 

logement sans visite
finding accommodation without visiting it

Finding accommodation without a visit isn’t usually easy

Landlords are cautious 


Each year, thousands of tenants search for accommodation far from their current location, sometimes too far to go visit the places. But it's hard to convince a landlord to rent without a visit, especially with private owner as it is very important for him or her to get an idea of their tenant’s lifestyle. The visit is a way for landlords to reassure to be reassured regarding their tenant. This is why it is very difficult to make a reservation without having made a visit and having met the landlord in person. 

Beware of the lack of information

But making a visit is also very useful for tenants. It allows you to detect problems you wouldn’t have seen by just reading the ad. For example, a visit to your apartment allows you to clearly identify the neighbourhood, and avoid renting an apartment that is cut off from local shops or public transport, with a rowdy neighbour or next to a noisy bar. Visiting an apartment is also a way to gather information about the apartment itself.  Quality of sound and heat insulation, brightness, the general state of the building, in short: anything that could be hidden on an ad. Not visiting the apartment means not having all this crucial information. 

A riskier payment process

If you cannot visit your apartment, you will probably have to make a remote payment. Private landlords regularly require the payment of a guarantee or the first rent. For them, this is a sign of commitment on the part of the tenant. However, it happens that unscrupulous landlords will not hesitate to rip you off. It is always possible to detect some scams but remote payment is always dangerous.

A few tips on how to book accommodation without visiting it

Feel free to ask for a virtual tour

L’absence de visite peut réserver de mauvaises surprises au sujet The absence of a visit can generate unpleasant surprises and frustrations about the condition of the accommodation. However, today's technology makes it possible to make virtual visits. Feel free to contact the owner and ask him to show you his home via a software like Skype. You should also make sure to ask your landlord all the necessary information. For example, it can happen that the apartment is shown with furniture on the pictures, but it doesn’t always necessarily mean it’s rented with the furniture! Ask details about the furniture and the equipment you will be provided with. Also ask the place’s energy factor, going from A (the least energy-consuming) to G (very energy-consuming). It gives you an idea of whether your hot water and heating bills will be high or not.  Ask about the place’s orientation and if there’s a building opposite your window in order to know if your place will be bright enough. Lack of luminosity can affect your mood - and your bills! 

Get more information remotely

There’s no such thing as a visit to get a clear idea of the environment. But it is possible to collect valuable information without making a visit. You should ask the landlord for the address of the house. With this information you can locate your accommodation in relation to shops, transport and other activities with Google Maps. It may also be a good idea to simulate the journey between your accommodation and your school using Google Street View. 

Booking without a visit on Studapart

Our landlords are used to it


Generally, owners are reluctant to rent their property if they haven’t met you in person during a visit. But that’s not the case of Studapart. Our community of 36,000 private landlords  is used to making bookings without a visit. Studapart can give tenants a Guarantee that proves their solvency. This reassures owners, makes them much more confident and maximising the tenant’s chances. 

Booking without a visit is common on Studapart

Owners are not the only ones familiar with remote booking on Studapart. Our tenants are too! Many of Studapart's tenants are from abroad and of course, they do not have the opportunity to visit the accommodation they are interested in. This is why almost 70% of our bookings are made remotely without a visit. 

100% secure transaction

The risk of scam is high for tenants who cannot visit. On Studapart, remote payment is done with Stripe, a 100% secure payment platform. Serenity guaranteed!

A team to support you

Knowing the kind of neighborhood you’re going to live in is important, but it can be difficult without a visit. Fortunately, our team speaks several language and is available 6/7 days to provide help and guidance. Our experts know all the cities like the back of their hand. Give us a call if you have any questions! 

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