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How to find a work-study program ?

Are you looking for a work-study program to continue your studies? This article is made for you ! This experience will allow you to set foot in the professional world and put into practice everything you have already learned or will learn during your studies. It is a very formative step, even if it can also be stressful; especially when researching. Studapart therefore gives you all its advice for finding a work-study position in a company ready to train you, which you like and which will be delighted to work with you, while training you in your job!


Prepare your application to find a work-study program


The first step when looking for an apprenticeship is to prepare your application. The secret is to ensure that it contains as much relevant information as possible about your educational and professional background, that it looks like you and values ​​you; since it is the first glimpse that your future employer will have of you. It must therefore be prepared with care. Keep in mind that your application will surely not be the only one your employer will receive, so don't hesitate to personalize it to make a difference and try to stand out, but don't overdo it anyway... L he idea is to make it easy to read, little time will be given to reading it: the most important information should be obvious.


In practice, your application must meet the expectations of employers in your field and can be made up of several elements. It contains at least a CV and a cover letter, but depending on your field, it can also be accompanied by a portfolio (photos, graphic creations, articles, etc.) or any other document that gives details about your skills. Do not hesitate to consult professionals in your field, HR or headhunters, for advice on employer expectations.


The CV


The CV is an essential document when looking for work, it is also true when looking for an alternation. It summarizes your educational background and your professional experience, highlighting the most interesting elements for your future employer.


To make a good CV, you have to follow a few rules:


The presentation must be neat


Make the elements of your CV quick and easy to read, everything should fit on an A4 page. You have to keep in mind that your employer receives CVs every day and that he only has a short time to study each application, so you have to chew the job by being clear and concise. Don't hesitate to personalize your document with colors or even some graphic elements related to your field, but don't overdo it, it's not a plastic art assignment!


Content must be relevant


Put yourself in the shoes of your future employer, what does he expect from a work-study student? Highlight the information that might interest him the most and convince him to offer you an interview. Also give personal elements that will help him get a first idea of ​​your personality.


The motivation letter


The cover letter completes your CV, some employers attach importance to it and take it into account in the selection of the candidates they wish to meet. Many examples are available on the net and it is tempting to fill in a simple blank text, but the idea is to personalize this letter according to your real motivations and the spirit of the company for which you are applying. Do not hesitate, for example, to take inspiration from the tone adopted in the company's communications. You can follow the example of an online model, but remember to personalize your letter for each application submitted and to adapt the tone, so as not to be too formal. This letter should look like you and reflect your interest in the company.

Also take care of its presentation, you can perfectly match the layout of your letter with that of your CV, in this way you will submit a harmonious and pleasant application to read.


Which companies are recruiting on a work-study basis?


In recent years, many companies have integrated work-study students into their teams. The advantage for them is to train a student over the long term, in order to keep him in the same position by offering him a fixed-term or permanent contract after graduation. This type of contract is win-win: the company trains you according to its methods on a position to be filled and can hire you with confidence afterwards; you consolidate your theoretical training in the field and take the time to adapt to the company's expectations in order to best meet them.


Since the pandemic, the State has offered interesting aid to encourage companies from all walks of life to give students the chance to integrate as well as possible into the labor market. Large, medium or small companies may be interested in applying for a student looking for a work-study program. 


When should you start looking for a work-study program?


The sooner you start your work-study search, the more likely you are to join a company you like. Depending on the training, a school/company rhythm is imposed. Once you know your schedule, you can start applying. Remember to take good care of your application before starting and do not hesitate to approach companies in your field that make you dream, even if they have not published an offer. Unsolicited applications are often highly valued by employers. Also think about the companies that have already trusted you, during an internship or during a student job, for example.


Have you found your alternation? Find your accommodation!


Congratulations, you have just signed a work-study contract with a company! You will now have to keep to a steady work/study pace and the ideal is to make your life easier by living close to your place of work and study. Studapart is at your side to help you find the ideal accommodation to live this stage of your life in the best conditions and successfully complete your work-study program!

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