What is a studio?

When you are a student looking for accommodation, your choice is the most practical and least expensive solution. A studio can do the trick, but the question then arises: what is a studio?


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What is a studio?


In the field of real estate, there are different types of accommodation and it is important to know the terms used for each one, in order to differentiate them and choose the best solution. Students are generally advised to choose a studio.


What is a studio? Definition


A studio apartment is a unit that consists of only one room. This serves as both a bedroom and a living room, which is called a "living room". This room also offers an open kitchen (also known as a “kitchen area” or kitchenette). The toilet and bathroom (the “water rooms”) are separate.


In terms of regulations, a studio must at least offer an area of ​​8 square meters. The calculation of this area, called living area, is defined by the Carrez law. From the floor area of ​​a dwelling, we deduce the meters and centimeters occupied by the walls, partitions, cupboards, steps and all places where the ceiling height does not reach 1.80 meters. Mezzanines and exterior elements such as terraces, balconies, parking spaces, cellars, boxes and everything outside are not taken into account either.



What is the difference between an apartment and a studio?


The studio differs from the apartment for its "kitchen area" which is found in the main room. If the kitchen is separated from the main room by walls and a door, it becomes a T1 apartment. We see that the difference between studio and T1 is quite thin. Sometimes it is enough to knock down a partition to transform a T1 into a studio.


In real estate agencies, rental accommodation is classified into different categories: bedroom, studio, apartment, house ... The bedroom is a room inside a building that contains at least one bed. A studio is an apartment that contains only one room. An apartment contains one or more living rooms (bedroom, living room, etc.), the number of which is indicated in the form T1, T2, T3, T4, etc. Pieces of water are not counted. If an apartment is only part of a building (often a building), a house is the building as a whole. Agencies give it the attribute F1, F2, F3, F4 to indicate the number of pieces.


Other concepts may arise in your search for accommodation: "duplex" for example, refers to an apartment / studio that occupies two floors. There will also be the notion of "furnished" or "unfurnished" which specifies whether the apartment can be immediately occupied or whether you have to bring your own furniture (and remove it at the end of the rental).


How to fit out and furnish a studio?


The fact that your studio is only made up of one room can make it difficult to fit everything. Fortunately, we have simple tips to optimize space and create an environment that suits you. Let's go ?


The problem of the bed


The first concern is the management of the bed. While convenient for sleeping, the bed can be cumbersome during the day. Ideally, it disappears when it is no longer needed. We generally opt for the sofa bed solution, a bed that turns into a sofa (or vice versa). You can also put the bed on the mezzanine, provided of course that the studio is designed for. There is also the cupboard bed, or Murphy bed, which is opened in the evening and closed in the morning.


The dressing room


Where to store your clothes? This is often the second issue of living in a relatively small space. Of course, there are often cupboards that do the trick. But don't hesitate to create your own little dressing room, with a wardrobe for easy access to your clothes. Let's add a mirror and some small furniture. Because dressing requires care and a minimum of comfort. As much as possible, we will try to fit a wall-mounted ironing board, or at least one that can easily be stored.


The kitchen area


Particular attention should be paid to the kitchen area. Next to the kitchenette, it is important to have (or create if you have not already done so) a comfortable space for eating. You can opt for nesting tables which save space. It is important to be able to sit comfortably while eating and have a flat surface to put your plate and utensils on. It's also wise to make sure that you don't have lunch face-to-face with the wall too often. It is important not to neglect this reserved space: Give it a relaxing character.


The office area


Like the kitchen area, the office area must be specifically designed for your comfort, especially with the development of online courses, which can force you to stay in front of your computer for a good part of the day. First of all, decide whether you like to work facing a wall or not. The desk should be at the right height and leave enough room for the computer (think about the space occupied by the mouse). We also recommend that you do not confuse workspace and lunch space.


Room dividers


From a single piece, you have to learn how to make several sub-pieces. Arrange the furniture so as to isolate the kitchen area from the rest of the room, use the shelves to create partitions, provide screens or curtains. The ideal is to equip yourself with light things that you can move easily. Note that the more rectangular the main room, the easier it will be to create partitions.


The coffee table


More than anywhere else, the coffee table should be favored in small spaces. Beyond the chic that this piece of furniture provides, it gives a very important feeling of space since it does not obstruct the view of the rest of the room. The TV cabinet (if you ever have a TV) must have the same virtues.


Light colored walls


As a studio does not have a very large area, it is important to preserve the notion of space and to create a calming universe. So we recommend light colors, especially on walls which should be as white as possible and to contrast with dark colored furniture.


Green plants


Even if you don't feel like a gardener, let alone a botanist, we recommend that you adopt a green plant or two, of reasonable size, to give your studio some life. Find out in particular about depolluting plants. Choose the type of plant that will be the most suitable, find out about the necessary light. Some are also known to not make sleep easier, think about it!


Make yourselves at home !


The most important thing, regardless of the accommodation you occupy, is that you feel at home there. Our advice can help you make the space your own. Make your studio a room in your image. Also discuss with your friends on the subject. Ideas never fail.


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