How to make a good impression on your landlord?

At the end of the day, it’s the landlord that chooses his tenant, so the success of your efforts mainly depend on the impression you make on him. To have chances of moving in the apartment of your choice, the landlord has to get a good feeling about you. Making a good first impression is absolutely doable in just a few simple steps. Here are a few tips! 

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making a good impression on the landlord


Why is it important to make a good impression on the landlord?

He’s the one setting the rules 


No matter the kind of lessor, he’s the one setting the rules for the rental and he’s the one fixing things such as: 

He chooses his tenant

Most of the time, landlords have several candidates for their property. They have to make a choice among potential tenants, so you have to face competition. It’s essential to make a good impression to show the landlord you are the best possible tenant for his accommodation

It’s important to share trust with your landlord 

Whether before, during or after the rental, building a climate of trust is the best way to avoid disputes. 

How to make a good impression? 

Be mindful of communication

Usually, the first contact with the landlord is written. It’s your first occasion of making a good impression. Don’t jeopardize your chances! Here are a few ways to have a good communication: 


  • impeccable spelling: it's a mark of seriousness 
  • answer as soon as possible and make yourself available: it’s proof of your interest
  • courtesy without being austere: the renter is a human being like you 

In your first emails or SMS, introduce yourself clearly and avoid spelling mistakes. If someone can help you do that, you could possibly translate your messages in french - your lessor will notice the effort. 

Call from a quiet place so you can hear each other, and at decent times: from 9 in the morning and until no later than 9 in the evening. If he doesn’t answer immediately, no need to bombard him with phone calls, he probably just can’t take all the calls from each and every candidate. 

If you’re calling from your home country, don’t forget they might be a time difference with France! 

Info: the French use the good old fashioned telephone line a lot. They certainly don’t have WeChat or Viber, and don’t always have WhatsApp or Messenger either. So it’s better to contact the owner on the phone if you speak french or if there’s a language you can understand each other in. Otherwise, you can write him emails and get your discussions translated. If you’re setting up a Skype meeting, send him the link to a Skype invitation to make things simpler for him. Don’t forget your lessor probably isn’t that young!

Taking care of looks

No need to wear a suit! A simple, clean outfit along with a smile do the trick when you’re meeting your lessor. Be mindful of your attitude too. Nothing fancy - being on time is already a mark of courtesy. 

Build your rental application file seriously 

Landlords will pay particular attention to your rental file. Your file includes the documents containing information about you and your guarantor, and about your ability to pay rent. 

Have your rental application file prepared ahead: that way, you can submit it directly to your lessor Hand him a clean, sorted and complete file. It is a sign of goodwill says a lot about your organization and your interest in the apartment. You will find all the necessary information to create a thorough rental application here

Standing out

Most tenants understand the importance of having good communication, and taking care of their looks and rental application file. You will have to stand out to convince the landlord to choose you. 

First of all, be sure to understand who your landlord is and what his expectactions are. Find out more about different kinds of lessors

Put yourself in his shoes: if you were homeowner, what additional information would you need? Is there a risk that the tenant's lifestyle could damage the place? Is the tenant really interested in my property? Is he or she easy to contact in case of problems? Few tenants think about this, but a letter containing these things about you is very much appreciated by landlords. 

Studapart helps you making a good impression

We walk you through the rental process

Communicating with your landlord isn’t always easy. There might be missing information in your rental application, for example. Studapart is there to detect these possible problems and find solutions with you. Guaranteed peace of mind. 

A natural relation of trust

Trust between landlord and tenant is very important. Our 36,000 private lessors appreciate the reassuring environment that Studapart offers them. This is why trust between our owners and tenants establishes naturally. This makes things easier! 

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