Back to university: the essential checklist

Back to university is a real turning point in the lives of students: new courses, new timetables, new forms of teaching... It's a real step towards adult life! It's not always easy as a young student to adapt to the new university calendar. To prepare you for this new stage of life, Studapart has listed the must-haves for the start of the academic year for you.

Organize your return well


A good organization of the start of the school year guarantees a good dynamic for the rest of the year. The start of classes is also a time rich in administrative procedures and deadlines. Students must choose their courses, make their pedagogical registration, organize their schedule, determine their work method, get involved in university life, all while taking advantage of the rhythm of the student years. Do not panic, we adapt very quickly!


Find your apartment for the start of the school year


The start of the school year can also be accompanied by a move. If you are going to study in a city other than the one in which you grew up, you must therefore prepare for the housing search stage. Most student cities have a very wide range of accommodation for students. The only risk is to see an opportunity pass under your nose. The apartments leave very quickly so be reactive in your steps. Rest assured, there is no need to jump at the first opportunity: all you have to do is start at the beginning of summer and be well organized to find accommodation that meets your criteria.


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Redefining your working methods


Entering university is synonymous with a change in the organization of one's work. Classes should not be approached as in high school but require a little more autonomy and initiative. This means that you can work the lessons in depth on your own without following a rhythm imposed by the teacher. The student is much more free in his learning. It is necessary to learn a new working methodology which will make it possible to determine which course must be deepened. Personal work is much more important than class work.


Get to know the places


At the start of the school year, you have to walk through the halls of the university. In general, these establishments are very large and filled with corridors and rooms that all look alike. While strolling through the establishment, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the classrooms, the common areas such as the outdoor spaces, the cafeteria and the places dedicated to community life. You have to appropriate the places in order to feel good there to study!


Pay attention to your diet


A young student can easily get lost in the rhythm of student life. The days are never the same, classes can be very early, very late, sometimes even at lunchtime. Due to lack of time, many students complain about the lack of time for lunch or dinner. To avoid falling into the trap of pasta and sandwiches, opt for simple and effective strategies. For example, some students cook two or three big meals on Sundays, which means that they don't have to cook every day and eat real meals.


Identify working groups


The pace of work at university is much more sustained than in high school. To facilitate the task, students tend to meet in working groups. These working groups make it possible to distribute certain tasks but also to discuss subjects. It is by discussing with your classmates that you participate in the life of the university!


Get involved in the community life of the university


Most universities have a relatively rich community life. By participating in the events and the dynamism of these associations, you have the opportunity to nurture your personal culture and you may even discover new passions. Often the students include some of their associative activities in the CV and the experience becomes a real professional asset: participation in the organization of events, practice of an instrument, development of its eloquence...


Play sports


The rhythm of student life tends to be a little disjointed between class hours, revisions, events and parties. Exercising several times a week (only a few tens of minutes!) will allow you to keep your body in shape and avoid major periods of fatigue that will delay you in your work.


Organize your revision periods


Periods of exams and partials are often very stressful and not very restful periods. Organizing your revisions is the key to not wasting time and gaining efficiency. For example, you can plan filing sessions throughout the semester to avoid ending up with PDF documents to file a few days before the exams. This will make review periods more efficient and less stressful. Success guaranteed!


Do not forget your free time


University association events are diverse and often on weekdays. All this contributes to the sustained pace of the students who must be careful to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Do not forget the moments of pause and disconnection. Be sure to carve out some free time to go to the movies, go on vacation, read, or go for a walk. We advise you not to let your life revolve solely around university life!


Distribute your time well in the subjects


University courses are organized around several subjects which do not have the same impact on the general average. Some subjects require a little more work time than others. This is why it is also necessary to be able to not dwell on certain courses which do not require the same volume of work. You have to work efficiently and strategically!


Make an administrative point regularly


Student life is a first step in adult life. The administrative procedures multiply, especially if you no longer live with your parents. By making administrative points once or twice a month, you will avoid oversights or delays. This is an opportunity to redo your CV, validate your exam registrations, follow the various deadlines for submissions, check that you have consulted all the documents on the ENT, obtain your student card or even to renew their public transport season tickets.


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