How to change address at La Poste?

Are you nearing the end of your studies, have you landed your first job or have you decided to telecommute in the countryside? Beyond the boxes, moving involves administrative procedures that are not always pleasant, such as requesting the forwarding of their mail and the transfer of their contracts and subscriptions to their new address. Studapart explains everything you need to know about these formalities.


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How to change address at La Poste?


How to make a change of address at La Poste?


Why make a change of address at La Poste?


One of the first steps to take when moving is to change your address at La Poste. This postal service allows any letter or small package (up to two kilos) inadvertently sent to your old address to be forwarded to your new home in mainland France and overseas. You can choose to have your mail forwarded for 6 months renewable once or for 12 months. Good to know: you can choose the start date for tracking your mail. A real plus for getting organized!


How to forward your mail to your new home?


To have your mail forwarded to your new home, nothing could be simpler: everything can be done online, so no need to queue at the post office! Log on or create an account on the La Poste website, and subscribe to one of their two moving plans.


The "Standard moving" offer transfers your mail and small parcels to your new home.


The “Complete moving” pack, in addition to forwarding your mail, offers you additional tools to simplify your life and organize your move with ease:


  • Opening a premium Digiposte account to store and find all your important documents.
  • Online letters and stamps to notify your contacts and suppliers, subscriptions and various services of your change of address.
  • A moving guide with tips to help you get organized.
  • A volume calculator to help you predict the right boxes and the right truck!
  • A memo calendar to remind you week after week of the important stages of your move.


How much does it cost to change address?


If you wish to benefit from the post office mail tracking service, the “Standard moving” pack will cost you 5 euros per month, ie a total of 36.2 euros over 6 months or 60 euros over one year. If you choose the “Complete moving” pack, count 6.25 euros per month, ie a total of 51.5 euros over 6 months or 75 euros over one year.


How do I transfer my subscriptions and contracts to my new address? 


How to terminate its various contracts and subscriptions?


When we change our address, it is not only our relatives to notify, but also a lot of contracts and subscriptions to terminate: home insurance, electricity and gas contract, internet box, gym ... the list is long !


Here too, you can choose to do everything online to avoid going back and forth to the Post Office. To terminate your various contracts and subscriptions, Studapart recommends the online registered letter service of La Poste. With this option, no need to print! You can compose, import your text and then schedule your sending up to 90 days in advance. All with the same legal value as a classic registered letter. Convenient, isn't it?


What is a registered letter for?


The registered letter is delivered by hand by the postman against signature and verification of identity. Like that, you have proof of the good reception of your mail. If the recipient is absent, he can collect it for 15 days at the post office.


How to write a termination letter?


But how exactly do you write this termination letter? If you don't know how, follow the guide!


As with any letter, certain essential elements must appear on a termination letter: your contact details and those of the recipient, the location and date of the day, a subject, without forgetting of course the expressions of courtesy and your signature. Then, some specific elements should be included in your termination letter:


  • Your wish to terminate your subscription or contract
  • The subscription or contract number
  • The date of subscription or contract
  • The desired end date of the subscription or contract
  • A request to stop the automatic debit of monthly payments once the subscription has been terminated
  • A request for confirmation of receipt of your termination letter by returned mail


To avoid having to worry, La Poste provides many models of termination letter!

Social security fund, taxes, Pôle Emploi… How do you communicate your new address to these services?


Once your contracts and subscriptions are terminated, it is time to communicate your new address to anyone who could send you mail, including various public and private services such as social security and pension funds, your energy supplier, Pôle Emploi, the tax service or the service in charge of vehicle registration documents. You can inform these different services of your moving free of charge on the service-public site by clicking on this link.


Then enter the date on which your change of address takes effect, select the organizations you want to notify and then fill in your personal information.


To notify other services such as your bank, your car insurance, your mutual, your telephone operator or your subscriptions to paper newspapers, we recommend that you send a registered letter of declaration of change of address. Here again, sample letters from the Post Office can help you. Enough to avoid a lot of lost mail sent to your old address!


Psst… Did you know?
Service-public also allows you to warn these various private and public organizations of a change of e-mail address, landline and mobile phone. Enough to kill two birds with one stone!


When should you take the change of address?


There's no point in running, you have to start on time, the saying goes. We recommend that you follow it and anticipate your moving procedures as much as possible! Enough to avoid last minute worries and a lot of stress.


Even if the follow-up of the mail and the transfer of its various contracts, subscriptions and services is not in itself necessary before the date of your move-in, we recommend that you take the steps between 1 and 2 months before the D-day. even start earlier: La Poste's mail tracking offer is available 3 months before your change of address. Be careful, however: it is no longer possible to benefit from it after moving.



The last formalities to think about when you move


The boxes are ready, the moving truck is reserved and the address changeover process has been completed. Stay with us a moment longer, we'll tell you about the last formalities to remember when moving!


You will first need to go to the town hall to make a declaration of change of address. This procedure will allow you in particular to register on the electoral rolls.


You will also need to take out new contracts for the services you have terminated. Small tips: do not wait until the last moment to take care of your electricity contract! We recommend that you do this two weeks before arriving at your new home to be sure you have electricity when you move in. And for your internet subscription, do not forget to return your box to its supplier by post or in store.

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