What is the cost of moving house ?

Organizing a move can be quite stressful. The key is therefore to prepare it in advance! Can you move without the help of a professional mover? What is the cost of the move? Studapart gives you all the information you need to make your choice with confidence.

Moving yourself or with a professional?


If the moving route is short, managing the organization of your move yourself is probably the best option. You can then appeal for goodwill among your friends and family. With any luck, you will find someone who has a vehicle where you can store all or part of the furniture to be moved and make the journey safely.


Otherwise, you have to hire a vehicle, and certainly a truck or van. This only requires a classic B license. The cost of renting the vehicle represents part of the budget allocated to the move. You will then have to take into account the cost of fuel, and any expenses related to the trip such as tolls and meal breaks for the people that are helping you.


You obviously won't be doing your move alone. It is better to have a group of people to move furniture and objects, load them in the vehicle, pack and unpack boxes, and also make the trip with you to help you move in.


Your ability to mobilize family and friends for this special day depends on whether you choose to call in a professional or not. Let’s be clear: if organizing your move is stressful, it’s best to leave these worries to a professional mover.

What is the average price of a move with a professional?


The professional is an expert: he knows how to stabilize and protect a piece of furniture during transport, he knows how to move and lift it without tearing a muscle. The professional will also know which authorizations are necessary to park the vehicle in front of the new accommodation. Moving is a job.


To get an idea and determine the average cost of moving with a professional, there are several criteria to take into account:

  • the volume to be moved (furniture and others) which is calculated in cubic meters (m³);
  • the distance between your old home and the new one, which is measured in kilometers. We are talking about short distances for a trip that does not exceed 500 kilometers and a long distance beyond;
  • the rates of the professional mover you have called on.


When you contact moving professionals, you will need to communicate the volume in cubic meters and the city in which you are moving. They can then give you a quote (it's usually free). Do not hesitate to contact several professionals in order to be able to choose the one that offers the most interesting prices but also the services and guarantees offered.


To give you an idea, by cross-checking several estimates, the price of a move is estimated at around 40 € per m³ for short distances (less than 500 km) and goes up to 60 € per m³ for long distances ( more than 500 km).

Cost of a move: the different factors


Several factors are taken into account when estimating how much a move costs: the type of accommodation you will be occupying, the distance to be covered, the volume to be moved and the period of the move. The moving professionals offer you suitable packages.

What type of accommodation are you going to occupy?


It is important for the moving professional to know which type of accommodation you wish to move your furniture and belongings to. Is it a house or an apartment? In theory, it is much easier to move into a house. It is on one level and the openings are large. An apartment, on the contrary, risks being located on an upper floor, with narrow stairs and a limited lift. These are things to take into account.

What is the distance between the two accommodations?


The distance traveled to make the move is obviously a key factor in determining how much a move costs. In the field, we speak of “short distance” when the journey is estimated at less than 500 kilometers. Beyond that, we speak of “long distance”. Today all you have to do is consult your GPS or Google Maps to determine the exact distance between the two addresses. It is the road distance that will be taken into account (and not the bird's-eye distance).


If you are moving from one city to another, the cost will vary depending on the distance, but also the volume of the move. The table below gives the price ranges observed to assess how much a move between six of the largest cities in France costs.


  Nantes Strasbourg Bordeaux Lyon Marseille

(385 km)

400 - 1000 €

(495 km)

700 - 1300 €

(595 km)

800 - 1400 €

(495 km)

600 - 1200 €

(775 km)

1200 - 1800 €


(985 km)

1300 - 2000 €

(855 km)

1200 - 1900 €

(715 km)

900 - 1400 km

(315 km)

400 - 1000 €


(685 km)

800 - 1400 €

(495 km)

600 - 1200 €

(555 km)

800 - 1300 km


(345 km)

400 - 1000 €

(945 km)

1300 - 2000 €


(865 km)

1300 - 1200 €



These data are of course purely indicative. They will be more precise by contacting a moving professional directly.

How much volume is what you want to move to the new home?


The volume to be moved is probably the thorniest issue in your moving plan. It is necessary to estimate the number of cubic meters represented by the furniture to be moved. Cubing, as the calculation of volume is called, should be done methodically. You can search the internet for how to calculate the volume of furniture. There are a few pro tips, such as calculating with a ladle compared to the area of ​​the home, which is multiplied by 0.5. Your apartment is 50 m2? If it is furnished as standard, the volume will be 25 m3. Nothing specific indeed, but it is an indication. Nothing then prevents you from having this volume confirmed by a professional mover.

When do you want to move?


The time period you plan to move can also affect its cost. Removal companies (but also furniture and storage services) are in fact much more in demand when the weather is nice, that is to say from early spring until the start of the school year. So, if you have the choice, we recommend that you contact a professional moving in cold weather, fall or winter. This is not just a benefit, but the cost of the move will be lower. Another tip is to schedule the move on a weekday, which costs less than the weekend.

What kind of removal does the professional offer?


Moving professionals compete in their imaginations to offer you the formula that meets your needs: economical formula, standard formula, improved formula ... Each one adapts to the volume, the distance to be traveled and of course your budget. Most moving companies detail their prices on their websites. Do not hesitate to consult several and ask for quotes in order to be able to compare and make your choice.


You can also ask if the professional offers groupage removals, that is, if he performs several removals with a single vehicle. If so, this allows you to take advantage of a lower rate.

Do you need to insure your move?


You can never be careful enough, and the idea of ​​taking out moving insurance helps avoid any hassle if you have any concerns. Movers are irreproachable professionals, but no one is safe from a dresser that gets damaged during the journey. These incidents are very rare, but can be upsetting, especially in the stress of moving. Insurance companies, sometimes through the moving company, offer to insure furniture for around 2% of its total value. Of course, you have to be able to assess the value of the furniture, but if it does not contain rare pieces, you can opt for a standard insurance plan.

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