Where to find moving boxes?

Who says moving says packing. The expression is far from trivial. It remains to know where to find moving boxes. Cardboard boxes are essential for your move. Studapart offers you some tips and tricks to get it.


You can find new cardboard boxes in local shops, in stores or on the web. It can also be obtained for free. New boxes, which will have a cost, will be more solid, but those that are recovered here and there can very well do the trick.


Where can I find free moving boxes?


Free boxes are usually second-hand packaging. Long live recycling! Cardboard boxes can be used and reused until they run out. It is all the more easy to find because it often suits the person you are asking, because they are very happy to get rid of their boxes.

With those around you


Almost everyone has boxes at home. Let people know you are moving. Survey friends, colleagues, neighbors who have recently moved and who must have had to face the same need for boxes as you.

On the Web


It is well known, you can find everything on the Internet. Thus, some sites and platforms allow moving boxes to be exchanged between individuals, in particular the sites www.mydemenageur.com. or www.cartoncommun.fr. You can also find your happiness on donation sites such as www.donnons.org or www.consoglobe.com.


Near shops and supermarkets


To obtain free boxes, you must also approach the surrounding stores: supermarkets, hypermarkets, clothing stores, sports stores, DIY stores, gardening stores, decoration stores, furniture stores, etc. Many large brands make their boxes available to the public. Do not hesitate to use it.


Otherwise, you can ask a store manager to keep some for you. Do not hesitate, they are used to these procedures. If they don't give you some right away, they'll ask you to come back at a specific time so they can give them to you.


With charities


Charitable associations, such as Emmaus or the Restos du Coeur often have cardboard boxes at their disposal. Their activity contains a lot of handling, and cardboard is therefore present. Once it is used, it is often stored while waiting to be evacuated. The associations will be happy to bequeath these boxes to you: we only get rid of them, but recycling fits perfectly into their philosophy.

Near restaurants


In most restaurants, the goods are delivered in boxes. And especially in fast food like McDonalds, KFC, Quick and other Burger Kings. Do not hesitate to ask the managers of these establishments to keep a few boxes for you. Rarely do they refuse.

From bookstores


Bookstores receive their books in boxes of very good quality, large enough and rather robust. Books, when they are in quantity, are very heavy and their container must be resistant. Do not hesitate to ask your bookseller for these precious boxes.

At the post office


When you send a package by post, you buy cardboard packaging for shipping. These parcel wrappers come to the post office in large boxes just waiting to be used.

From pharmacies


Medicines arrive in pharmacies in more or less large boxes. It is certain that your pharmacist will be happy to get rid of it when you ask him to.

Where to buy moving boxes?


Free boxes are ecological and rather practical, but to contain fragile objects, it is better to buy new, stronger and better quality boxes. A standard size box (between 30 and 50 cm) does not cost more than two euros.

From specialty stores


You can find new boxes for sale in stationery stores but also in DIY stores and even some hypermarkets. In addition to the boxes, you can find very useful accessories such as adhesive tape, plastic to reinforce the protection, rolling supports, etc.

On the Web


There are many sites on the web that offer boxes or moving kits for sale (boxes with accessories such as adhesives, bubble wrap, cutter, trolleys, etc.), such as the goods named www.cartonsdedemenagement.com and www. latribuducarton.fr, but also more general sites such as Leroy Merlin or Carrefour Location.


You should also know that some brands such as uhaul.com or klotobox.fr offer plastic as an alternative to cardboard. This type of box, much stronger and more resistant, has the merit of being able to be reused indefinitely, unlike cardboard which gives way one day or another.

At the movers


Moving companies are of course equipped with moving boxes and accessories. If you hire a professional mover, you no longer need to search for boxes. Those brought to you by the moving professional are of course billed to you, but this is included in the moving package. You can ask for the price of the boxes to be detailed on the estimate.

How to choose your moving boxes?


Optimizing your move starts with determining the sufficient number of boxes. These are of different sizes:

  • The standard size of a small box is 30 x 30 x 30 cm
  • The standard size of a medium box is 46 x 46 x 46 cm
  • The standard size of a large box is 61 x 46 x 46 cm


It is then necessary to calculate the volume of business to be transported. We consider that we need 10 boxes for 1m3 of volume to be moved.


It remains to define the volume in question. This is calculated according to the type of accommodation, assuming that it is reasonably furnished. For a studio or T1, for example, we consider that the volume will be 15 m3. For a T3, the volume will be 30m3.


These are of course fairly theoretical calculations. However, there are online moving volume calculators in m³ that can be useful when you are not experienced in the exercise.


What other materials do you need for your move?


If the boxes are essential for your move, other accessories will find their usefulness. It's time to design a moving kit. What do you need ?


  • Bubble wrap and/or newspaper
  • An adhesive tape, and if possible its dispenser
  • A cutter
  • One or more marker pens
  • A rolling support (a trolley or a hand truck)


The bubble wrap protects objects during transport and prevents them from being damaged due to the jolts of the journey. You can also use newspaper to pad the boxes so that the objects are stabilized. Do not leave any gaps in the boxes.


The adhesive tape makes it possible to close the boxes, or even to solidify them before transport, in particular below where they are particularly weakened by the weight of the objects. It is also necessary to think of reinforcing the handles of the box.


The cutter is very practical for cutting cardboard and paper, but also for opening boxes coated with adhesive paper when fitting out.


The marker allows you to note on the cardboard what it contains and possibly the room for which it is intended (bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc.)


The rolling stand is very practical for moving boxes that are too heavy. It can be a simple roller board, a trolley or a hand truck.

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