How to save energy in your home?

The energy bill increases each year and weighs on the end of the month for the most modest households. However, there are many tips for saving money and lowering the price of your gas and electricity bill. We will explain everything to you !


How to save energy?


The energy bill that the French pay each month corresponds to part of the charges for their accommodation: electricity, water, gas, etc. In recent years the amount of these bills has become a real social issue since it weighs on the purchasing power of the French. However, there are many techniques to lower the price of our consumption and save money throughout the year.


10 tips to reduce your energy bill


1. Opt for gas heating and not electricity


Heating with natural gas is significantly cheaper than heating with electricity. If the change of boiler seems expensive, reassure yourself by telling yourself that in the long term this change will be much more interesting for your bills.


2. You can cook while saving money


Some techniques can fit into your daily life to consume less when it comes to cooking. Use the oven more and the microwave less, which consumes more. No longer systematically preheat your oven (often useless consumption). Cover the pan so that the water boils faster. Regularly clean the plates when they are on gas to have a blue fire and not less efficient yellow flames.


3. Choose energy-efficient appliances


Appliances are an important component of energy consumption. New devices are known to consume less than those in poor condition. Remember to replace your old machines and at the same time choose the models that consume less energy (it is indicated in store!)


4. The hunt for wasted lighting


A significant amount of electricity can be saved by adopting certain techniques: you can program switches in case you forget. By reorganizing the accommodation, you can surely take advantage of more natural light and use lamps less.


5. Uses only energy-saving light bulbs 


When buying bulbs, think about your energy bill. Use only low consumption bulbs and prefer LEDs which are very low consumption bulbs.


6. Use your dishwasher's eco mode


The dishwasher (if you have one) is a household appliance that consumes a lot. When the dishes are not excessively dirty, it can be started with the "eco" program which uses much less energy.


7. Install and use your refrigerator and freezer strategically


 When you decide to arrange the kitchen, be careful not to place your refrigerator next to a heat source (the oven for example). In this case it will always be heated by its neighbor and will consume even more.

Thaw food right inside the fridge, it's a free source of cold!


8. The washing machine


It is also necessary to use the eco mode of the washing machine and to invest in a recent model which consumes much less than older appliances.


9. No more devices on 24/7 standby


All constantly connected devices represent an opportunity to save money. Television, radio, desktop computers, and all chargers plugged into one place. Little tip! Plug all these devices into power strips so you only have to unplug one wire.


10. You can compare energy providers and choose the cheapest


By doing a little market research, it is possible to easily find the most appropriate energy supplier for your budget.


What work can be done to save energy?


Insulation is essential in a home and does not heat more than necessary. The attic of the accommodation must be insulated to maximize the insulation of the rest of the house.

Then you can tackle the insulation of walls and floors. The better the insulation, the more you will save on the energy bill.


The windows are also elements to watch out for in your home. Windows that are too old let in the cold in winter and increase your heating consumption. In summer, it lets the heat in and increases the consumption of air conditioning or fans, which directly impacts the electricity bill.


Changing the boiler is a good option to save money. For example, the condensing boiler uses the heat produced by combustion to reintroduce it into its heating system. Its price is quite high, but it saves on energy consumption and can therefore be profitable in the long term.


Otherwise, you can also opt for the solar panel break which is very expensive but can become profitable in the long term.


All this work allows you to save money on your energy bill. Do not forget to find out about the aid you can benefit from to carry out this work, there are many!

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