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Modèles de lettre

Getting a rent invoice

Asking for a rent receipt stating you do pay your rent.



Housing in France 

Anything obscure? You might find it here! 



A relative with sufficient means who accepts to pay your rent if you fail to do so - which explains why landlords generally require you to have a guarantor. If you’re renting using Studapart, we can be your guarantor!


Housing tax

It’s a tax you have to pay when you’re staying in a dwelling. It’s paid by the person who was occupying the place on the 1st of January. You receive it by mail in the autumn. As an international student, your landlord might not ask from you that you pay it, though.


Joint tenancy

In a building, there are several apartments who generally belong to several different owners. The whole of these owners form the joint tenancy.

Modèles de lettre

Leaving your accommodation

One month notice. 



It’s the person or organization renting you accommodation and signing a binding lease agreement with you. Your lessor can be a private owner, a student residence or a real estate agency.

Modèles de lettre

Notifying your home insurance of a claim

Submitting your claim.


Paying charges with a forfeit

The second method of payment for charges. Just like the provision for charges, it’s an estimation of the service charges you’ll be accountable for, except there is no adjustment.


Power of attorney

It’s the written document in which you appoint your proxy to act on your behalf. 



Prior notice

It’s the legal delay you have to respect when informing your landlord you’re leaving the place. This delay is written in your lease agreement. 


Provision for charges

It’s one of the two possible methods of payment for charges. It’s an advance estimating charges the lessor will receive. You pay a little part of this advance every month, in addition to the rent. Once a year, the charges are adjusted.

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