Logement étudiant à Audencia


Why is Audencia using Studapart

Audencia Business School is an internationally renowned French business school, recognized as the 6th largest business school in France. Historically based in Nantes, it also has a campus in Paris for some years now. Today, more than 4,300 students study there. Audencia BS encourages its students to undertake numerous internships and international trips to widen their academic and personal careers. This mobility requires their students to look for student accommodation in Nantes on a regular basis. Studapart has teamed up with Audencia BS to help their students find accommodation in Nantes, Paris and around the world. Audencia BS's student housing platform includes real estate offers for rent, shared accommodation, student rooms and private homes. Student residences in Nantes are highly coveted by Audencia BS students.

how to find your student accommodation near Audencia?


Are you already a Audencia student?

Go to the school’s housing platform and sign up with your academic email address. You will also find a link to the platform on your intranet space.


Will you be joining Audencia soon ?

Go to the school’s housing platform and sign up with your personal email address. Your school administration will give you an activation code once you’re enrolled so you can access all accommodation offers.