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École Centrale de Nantes

Why is École Centrale de Nantes using Studapart ? 

Centrale Nantes, founded in 1919, trains polyvalent engineers of high scientific and technical level, endowed with a solid managerial culture, able to place scientific subjects in a global context integrating environmental and societal issues. member of the Group of Central Schools (Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Paris), it provides high quality teaching for highly selected students and hosts more than 2000 students on its campus in Nantes. The school collaborates with many universities around the world and thus allows its students to open up to an international career path. Each year, Centrale Nantes welcomes more and more international students. They currently represent more than 30% of students in engineering, Masters and PhD training. Representing more than 70 nationalities, they are an integral part of the life of the Nantes campus. The school, which wanted to improve the conditions for their arrival on campus, approached Studapart to offer them a housing platform on which they can easily book their student accommodation in Nantes.

How to find accommodation near École Centrale de Nantes?


Are you already a student at École Centrale de Nantes? 

Go to the school’s housing platform and sign up with your academic e-mail address or your intranet login info.



Will you be joining École Centrale de Nantes soon? 

Go to the school’s housing platform and sign up with your personal email address. Your school administration will give you an activation code once you’re enrolled so you can access all accommodation offers.