student housing near ENSTA ParisTech 

ENSTA ParisTech

Why is ENSTA ParisTech using Studapart ?

ENSTA ParisTech is a French engineering school of great reputation. It is a member of the ParisTech conglomerate with Mines ParisTech, ESPCI ParisTech and AgroParisTech. Since 2012, it has settled in Palaiseau, next to the Polytechnic School. Located in a remote part of Paris, ENSTA ParisTech has student residences and thereby offers accommodation to its students. However, it doesn’t always have enough room for all of its students. It became complicated for them to find their student accommodation in Palaiseau or their student accommodation in Massy. Via Studapart, we are now able to accommodate their students who cannot go to their student residences.

How to find your student accommodation near ENSTA ParisTech ?


Are you already a ENSTA ParisTech student? 

Go to the school’s housing platform and sign up with your intranet login info. 


Will you be joining ENSTA ParisTech soon ? 

Go to the school’s housing platform and sign up with your personal email address. Your school administration will give you an activation code once you’re enrolled so you can access all accommodation offers.