logement étudinat à l'ESJ Lille

ESJ Lille

Why is ESJ Lille using Studapart ?

Journalism students from all over France come to ESJ Lille to learn journalistic skills. It has the reputation of being the best journalism school in France. Students coming to ESJ Lille are compelled to find student accommodation in an unknown city in a relatively short period. ESJ Lille, conscious of this problem, was looking for an effective solution to reassure its students. Via Studapart and ESJ Lille's accommodation platform, students can now easily book student accommodation. There can find studios, student rooms in Lille, private rooms in Lille but also shared accommodation.

ESJ Lille talks about its student housing platform


How to find your student accommodation near ESJ Lille ?


Are you already a ESJ Lille student ?

Go to the school’s housing platform and sign up with your academic email address.


Will you be joining ESJ Lille soon ?

Go to the school’s housing platform and sign up with your personal email address. Your school administration will give you an activation code once you’re enrolled so you can access all accommodation offers.