Student accommodation near Toulouse Business School

Toulouse Business School

Why is TBS using Studapart

Toulouse Business School is a large business school located in Toulouse and recently in London. They train more than 4,000 students on heterogeneous programs. There is the "Grande Ecole" program, the Bachelor program, the Msc or the MBA. Students from all over the world come here to follow these courses of excellence. In order to welcome all its students in good conditions, Toulouse Business School had to offer a service to help its students book their student accommodation in Toulouse. Via the Studapart platform, TBS students can now find rentals or shared accommodation offered by individuals in Toulouse. Student residences in Toulouse can also be booked via the site. Throughout their use of the platform, a multilingual support team is present to help them find their student accommodation.

how to find your student accommodation near TBS?


Are you already a TBS student?

Go to the school’s housing platform and sign up with your intranet login info.


Will you be joining TBS soon ?

Go to the school’s housing platform and sign up with your personal email address. Your school administration will give you an activation code once you’re enrolled so you can access all accommodation offers.