Finding student accommodation in Nice

Nice is a large city in the south-east of France. More than 50,000 students follow their studies each year in Nice. Students from Nice universities start looking for their student accommodation in Nice on average 6 months before beginning their studies there. 


Student housing in Nice boosts the city

 student housing Nice
Student housing in Nice


Nice  is a popular college town



Nice is the 2nd largest city in the PACA region after Marseille. It is the 5th largest city in France. About 342,000 people live in Nice. Of these, 50,000 are students. 

The city is rich in various university courses. It includes, for example, the EDHEC Business School, the University of Nice-Sophia-Antipolis, EPITECH, ISEFAC and the IPAG Business School

Nice is a city that attracts a lot of people due to  the quality of life it offers. The pleasant living environment attracts many French and foreigners. It is a cosmopolitan city that welcomes 15% of foreigners. Ideally located a few kilometres from the Italian border, it has a Mediterranean climate with mild temperatures. 


Nice is a sunny city where it is good to live and study. It combines the dynamism of a large city with the attractiveness of the Mediterranean region. The old town, with its pretty alleys is appreciated for its lively nightlife. It is full of local initiatives that make cultural life rich for students with, for example, a museum pass and a culture pass for the young. The city also plans a specific 3-day welcome program for new students. It is a convenient city thanks to its extensive public transport network including tram, TGV, bus, international airport. Nice is also close to Sophia-Antipolis. The proximity to this world-renowned science park, even compared to Silicon Valley, opens the door for Nice students to a good professional integration in the industrial and technological sector. 


But it is very difficult to find accommodation in the city of Nice. In terms of student housing, Nice competes with the capital: rents almost reaches Parisian prices. There is little supply and rental prices are rather high. It clearly competes with Paris on the issue of student housing. Lately, it has been followed by a city that is experiencing significant growth: Bordeaux. 

More than X students search for a student apartment in Nice with Studapart each year. So what types of accommodation are these French and international students looking for? What is the average budget for a student rental in Nice? In which districts? Studapart answers all these questions for you. 

What average surface for student accommodation in Nice?

Most students hope for a studio or one-room apartments 

More than half of the students who are looking for their student accommodation in Nice are looking for a studio or one-room apartment (T1) in priority. 15% of students search for a two-room apartment. 9% of them are looking for rooms in a private home. And flatsharing, a financially attractive solution, is sought by 22% of students. 


What kind of place should I choose for my student accommodation in Nice? 

Studios are at the top of the list  

As mentioned above, students looking for student accommodation in Nice are primarily looking for individual studios. Many of them wish to live in the old town of Nice to enjoy its charm and entertainment. But student accommodation is in fact not very suitable in this district because it doesn’t have many studios and their price is very high. The Cimiez Hill area is also quite expensive but has larger surface housing that can be adapted for shared apartments. The harbour area is more popular and affordable. It may be interesting to consider student residences for student accommodation in Nice. 


What is the average rent for student accommodation in Nice? 

Students will have to plan on average 571€ for student housing in Nice

The average budget of a student in Nice is €635, which is 22% higher than the provincial average (€518) but still lower than the budget of a student in Paris (€821). Even if the Nice market competes with Paris in regard to the gap between supply and demand, finding student housing in Nice costs 29% less than in the capital. But Nice remains one of the most expensive cities in the region after Cannes. The average rent for student accommodation in Nice is €571. In Cannes, the average rent is €661. In comparison, other cities in the region such as Marseille, Arles and Toulon have average rents of less than €500. The cheapest city in the region is Avignon where you can find accommodation for an average rent of €401. Some students who are looking for accommodation for their studies in Nice find accommodation in the city near Biot, located only 20 minutes by car. 

Who are the guarantors of students in Nice?

Family acts as a guarantor in most cases


In Nice, it is difficult to secure a student rental without a solid guarantor. It is therefore the student's family that guarantees the student in Nice 88% of the time. A few students (3%) ask their friends to vouch for them, while others (3%) have no guarantor at all. Only 2% of students rely on state mechanisms as an alternative to the guarantor.


Where do those searching for student accommodation in Nice come from? 


Most of them are from Nice 


Studies show that half of the students studying in Nice who are looking for student accommodation in the city were already living there before. So they do not move to another city for their studies. Nice is a city that attracts many Parisian students. 14% of students in Nice are from Paris. Then, the other students in Nice come mainly from Montpellier, Lyon and Villeneuve Loubet. Nice is also a city that attracts international students. For example, the University of Nice has more than 18% international students. 


How to book student accommodation in Nice using Studapart? 

Studapart offers more than 2000 student dwellings in Nice

Due to its student population, thousands of students have to find their student apartment in Nice every year. This isn’t always easy. Some students want to live in the periphery of Nice. But a majority of students are looking for their studio or shared flat in the center. 


They can easily find student accommodation in Nice using Studapart. Studapart has been a student rental specialist for 5 years and offers students an online housing platform dedicated to them. The platform has offers of studios, shared apartments, homestays and apartments in student residences in Nice. Studapart allows them to book their student apartment in Nice online, with or without visiting the place. They can also purchase their home insurance at the time of booking. A multilingual support team (French, English, Spanish, Italian and Chinese) is available 6 days a week to guide them. The team can also assist them in their exchanges with lessors if necessary. 


Students from Nice might sometimes be required to change cities several times during their studies due to internships or international exchanges they may have to carry out during their course. Studapart offers them a fast, smart and smooth rent experience. With Studapart, they can quickly book turnkey accommodation from thousands of verified student accommodation offers. Studapart also offers them seamless support - whether before and after the booking process. 


At Studapart, we believe in a simpler and more personal rent experience. On a daily basis, we work to facilitate access to housing for French and international students. 

What benefits do students gain from using Studapart?  


Studapart makes the search for accommodation easier and has exclusive offers in store

What do students in Nice gain from using the Studapart housing platform? 

A 100% secure platform
Studapart evaluates the authenticity of ads and user profiles. We encourage rental companies to make our students happy with a good response rate, a complete profile and quality accommodation. Our team is there to support you along the way. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we will do everything in our power to find you another place. 

The Studapart Guarantee
No guarantor? No issues.  When you book your student accommodation, you can subscribe to the Studapart guarantee. Studapart will then act as your guarantor for the whole duration of your stay. The Studapart Guarantee will allow you to reassure your landlord and rent any home on the platform. 

The Studapart Certification
As it is difficult to find a student rental in Nice without a French guarantor, Studapart offers international students a way of certifying the creditworthiness and authenticity of their guarantors' supporting documents. This way, international students in Nice will have their rental application reinforced. The Studapart Certification will allow you to search for accommodation on Studapart, but also on any other property rental sites and/or directly with landlords, student residences or real estate agencies.