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How to find accommodation in Roubaix, where nearly 10,000 young people come to study every year? Studapart takes care of everything by offering you all kinds of accommodation: in student residences or studios, shared flats or homestays. 


Student accommodation in Roubaix boosts the commune

Student housing Roubaix
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Roubaix is one of the largest university poles in the North


Roubaix is a commune destined to take on a real university dimension. 

In terms of academic weight, Roubaix is certainly getting more and more importance. It is positively influenced by Lille schools such as EDHEC, but it also has its own university centre. Unlike many other french cities, finding accommodation in Roubaix isn’t that difficult. Rents are more affordable than in Paris or Bordeaux, for example, and also more affordable than surroundings cities like Lille or Villeneuve d’Ascq. It more or less aligns with the average rent in France. The options for student housing are quite varied in Roubaix despite it being quite a small city. 



What average surface for student accommodation in Roubaix?


The size of a student accommodation in Roubaix is in the national average

A student rental in Roubaix is 21m² on average, a figure that matches with the national average.


What kind of accommodation should I choose for my stay in Roubaix?


Student residences in Roubaix are students preferred option

Most students in Roubaix go for studios or one-room apartments in student residences in Roubaix. There are way more residences in Roubaix than in Lille, where are more available apartments or studios but they are way more expensive. In a few cases, students choose to live in private flats in Roubaix, sometimes shared with other students. 



What average budget for student housing in Roubaix? 


Students will have to count on average €515 for student accommodation in Roubaix


The average budget for a student in Roubaix is €539, which is slightly higher than the provincial average (€518). It obviously remains much lower than the budget of a student in Paris (821 €). In the Hauts-de-France region, the average rent is around €550, with some disparities. For example, it is more difficult to find student housing in Lille or Villeneuve d'Ascq. Other more distant cities such as Cambrai or Valenciennes are a little cheaper than Roubaix but less attractive. 


Who are the guarantors of student rentals in Roubaix?


Family acts as a guarantor in most cases


89% of students in Roubaix have a member of their family as a guarantor


Where do students studying in Roubaix come from?  


Most students are from the region


Roubaix is home to many schools that have in common to welcome students from the surrounding towns. But international students are in the mix too. They are attracted by the quality of education there. International students make up for almost a third of students in Roubaix. French students coming from other regions generally prefer to go in Lille



How to book student accommodation in Roubaix using Studapart?


Studapart offers more than 1000 student dwellings in Roubaix


Studapart specialises in student housing and provides students with a dedicated online housing platform. The platform has offers of studios, flatshares, homestays and apartments in student residences in Roubaix. With Studapart, they can book their student accommodation in Roubaix online, with or without a visit

What do students benefit from using Studapart? 

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The Studapart Guarantee 
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The Studapart Certification
As it is difficult to secure a student rental in Roubaix without a French guarantor, Studapart offers to international students a way of certifying their creditworthiness and authenticity of their guarantor's supporting documents.