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Finding student accommodation in Toulouse Located in the Haute-Garonne region, Toulouse is one of France's largest metropolitan areas with 470,000 inhabitants. It is the 4th largest city in France after Paris, Marseille, and Lyon. Nicknamed the pink city, it is very attractive for its high quality of life. There exist several facilities specific to a large metropolis with relatively fair prices, especially for student accommodation. Toulouse accommodates a large number of students: about 100,000. The students are trained in major institutions such as Toulouse Business School, Sciences Po Toulouse or the University of Toulouse III. These schools attract students from all over France and major world cities. The search for student accommodation for all Toulouse students is necessary. Via Studapart, they have a solution capable of helping them during their studies to find the accommodation they need. They can choose between offers from private owners, student rooms, shared apartments or studios in student residences in Toulouse. The university or school platform, powered by Studapart, also allows them to find apartments in the case of internship mobility or abroad, even to find student accommodation in Paris. Nothing is impossible with Studapart.

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