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The northern capital welcomes more than 100,000 students every year who come to study at EDHEC Business School, the faculty of the Catholic University of Lille, SKEMA Business School or else Sciences Po Lille. Many of them choose to go with residences when searching for their student accommodation in Lille. Indeed, student residences in Lille are often extremely well located and close university campuses, which reassures both students and parents. The students greatly appreciate them for their conviviality and liveliness since only young people live there. They also offer quality services with access to Wi-Fi and sometimes a gym or a guard. Via the Studapart platform, students from Lille have the chance to access offers from all of the city’ student residences and can quickly choose their studio or shared flat. Other students also turn to offers of apartments, homestay or flat shares from private owners.

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Logement étudiant à EDHEC
Logement étudiant à l’Université Catholique de Lille
logement étudiant à EPITECH
logement étudinat à l'ESJ Lille
Sciences Po Lille
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Logement étudiant à e-artsup
logement étudiant à l'ISCOM
logement étudiant à l'ISEFAC
logement étudiant à l'ISEG MCS
logement étudiant à l'ISG
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Logement étudiant à l'Université de Lille
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