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Nantes is a recognized city by the French. Its high standard of living regularly ranks it at the number one of France's favorite cities. More than 100,000 students come to the prestigious schools and universities of Nantes. Students from Audencia Business School, the University of Nantes or Centrale Nantes must look for student accommodation in Nantes to successfully complete their studies. Some of them find accommodation in apartments rented by private owners or real estate agents in Nantes. However, a large proportion of Nantes students prefer to book accommodation in a student residence in Nantes. They can be found everywhere in Nantes, in the Chantrerie districts, the Petit-Port, the city centre or else on the island of Nantes. They allow students to enjoy modern, turnkey accommodation. On the bright side, they are all bookable via the Studapart platform.

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Logement étudiant à Audencia
logement étudiant à l'école de Design de Nantes
logement étudiant à EPITECH
Logement étudiant à e-artsup
logement étudiant à l'école supérieure du bois
logement étudiant à l'IDRAC
logement étudiant à l'IFAG
logement étudiant à l'ISEFAC
logement étudiant à l'ISEG MCS
logement étudiant à l'ISG
logement étudiant à LISAA
student accommodation near the Atelier Chardon Savard
student accommodation near EPSI
student accommodation near IGEFI
logement étudiant à Sup de Com
student accommodation near WIS
Student accommodation near École Centrale de Nantes

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