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Just like in any city that welcomes students, the search for student accommodation is an important step. In many cases, students have to search for their apartment in a limited time and are faced with significant competition since their peers are all making requests at the same time. In some cases, students must work to pay their rent as tenants. In other cases, parents provide for accommodations. It is important to note that housing represents 50% of the student's monthly study budget. Fortunately, there are two options, Studapart and student residences. The latter are extremely popular with students and their parents. Their location close to university campuses and city centers, their modern facilities, their turnkey formula and their conviviality are a few of their many assets. Students trained in Villeurbanne regularly rent their accommodation in a student residence in Lyon or in a student residence in Vénissieux through Studapart. They can also rent an apartment with a private individual, a student room or a private room on the Studapart platform.

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logement étudiant à l'EM Lyon Business School
student accommodation near EPITA
logement étudiant à EPITECH
logement étudiant à l'ESDES
logement étudiant à l'ESSCA
logement étudiant à INSEEC U.
logement étudiant à Sciences Po Lyon
student housing near UCLY
logement étudiant à l'ECAM Lyon
logement étudiant à l'IDRAC
logement étudiant à l'IFAG
logement étudiant à l'ISCOM
logement étudiant à l'ISEFAC
logement étudiant à l'ISEG MCS
logement étudiant à l'ISG
student accommodation near 3A
logement étudiant au CEFAM
student accommodation near EPSI
student accommodation near CFA Bureautique et Métiers Tertiaires
student accommodation near ESAIL 
student accommodation near ESAM
student accommodation near ICL
student accommodation near ESTA
student accommodation near IEFT
student accommodation near IET
student accommodation near IGS-RH
student accommodation near IMSI
student accommodation near IMIS
student accommodation near IPI
student accommodation near ISCPA
logement étudiant à Sup de Com
student accommodation near WIS

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