Studio rental

If you want to live alone and gain independence, the studio may be for you. We give you all the secrets of this type of individual accommodation, from its surface area to its price.


A studio is an independent accommodation whose surface must be equal to at least 9m². This type of apartment is composed of a single main room which serves as both a living room and a bedroom. In a studio, there is a kitchen area which is an integral part of the main room. This is what differentiates it from the T1 where the main room and the kitchen will be separated. The bathroom and the WC are in a separate room inside the studio itself. It is possible to rent a furnished or unfurnished studio, which tells you if you just have to drop off your suitcases or move in with all your furniture.


Many tenants are reluctant to rent a studio, particularly because of the size of the accommodation. Studios are often quickly put in the box of very small spaces that are not very pleasant on a daily basis. However, this category of housing hides many advantages that you do not suspect!


For whom are the studios suitable?


Often called a "bachelor's apartment", a studio is an ideal accommodation for a person living alone. This type of property is often highly sought after by students or young workers. Indeed, the studio allows you to have complete independence, unlike a room in a private home where the common areas, which are the bathroom and the kitchen, are shared. The studio allows the tenant to have everything he needs directly in his accommodation and thus to be fully autonomous and independent.


The majority of studio tenants are students: nearly 40% of them leave home when they start their higher education and almost 60% of them choose to live in a studio. Diploma in hand, young working people, in search of autonomy and independence, also tend to move towards individual accommodation, including studios. We can understand an economic reason for this, since some of them do not yet have sufficient means to live in larger accommodation. Another reason explains this success with students and young working people: many studios are furnished by the owners, which avoids multiplying expenditure on furniture that cannot always be transported and which requires a significant investment, and above all bother to organize a major move. Renting studios is therefore popular in large cities and is explained by the hypermobility of young people who are constantly changing and looking for new opportunities. Rental tension in these cities is often high. This means that the demands in terms of rental are higher than the offers.


A very interesting economic choice


The studio is an interesting choice of accommodation for small budgets such as students or young people new to the job market. The fact of having only one large living room (acting as both a living room and a bedroom) saves space, therefore square meters, therefore money. In France, the average price of a studio rental is €506/month (€781/month in the Paris region). This price is very advantageous for young workers living alone, because the rent is often less than half their salary, which allows them to save money. Note that studios are also subject to the Carrez law, which means that certain spaces such as mezzanines and/or low-ceilinged spaces are “not included in the price” and often allow for storage.


Did you know ? The Carrez law has been in force since 1996. It governs the calculation of the surface area of ​​housing offered for sale only and as part of a property. For the surface to be taken into account by the Carrez law, the ceiling height must be at least 1.80 meters. All other covered surfaces, even non-habitable ones, are also counted.


The advantages of a studio


Many tenants take a dim view of the studio. Often, we associate the studio with a synonym of small surface, little storage, no place to organize the different times of the day (work, sleep, eat, leisure, sport, reflection). In reality, living in a studio has many advantages for someone who lives alone and wants to save some money.


The economic aspect


The first argument for choosing a studio rather than a two-room apartment (T2) for example is obviously the price. If the tenant lives alone, there is no need to spend more money than necessary when a studio that can sometimes reach 25m² is more than enough.


Indeed, as a second argument, it should be noted that a studio is not the same thing as a maid's room. A studio can even be, exceptionally, larger than a T2 accommodation (two rooms): the type of accommodation does not define the number of square meters of the accommodation!


On the cleaning side, cleaning a studio will not take as much time and will not be as tiring as with a T2, since by cleaning the living room, you also clean your bedroom. The studio saves time and money!

Creative spatial planning


Living in a somewhat limited space allows the inhabitant to develop his creative side! Some tenants have managed to find dozens of tricks to separate the room in two in order to (almost) have a living area and a sleeping area. Adopt the click-clack sofa that will turn your large room into a bedroom at night and a pretty living room during the day, all without adding any furniture. Place the office table under a window to benefit from daylight, which is very important for the good mood of the tenant. The choice of desk also becomes strategic: it is possible to choose a large table that can also serve as a desk.


In a studio, the layout can be changed easily. Just push a table against a wall to make more space, or on the contrary, put it back in the center when there are four of you at the table!


Conversely, furniture can also be used as a "barrier" to delimit the sleeping area and the day area and make it look like a two-room apartment. Furnishing a studio with mirrors is also a proven technique: this object promises you enlargements and above all multiplication of light if you do not have a lot of openness to the outside.


Studio rentals are also an advantage for short-term rental requests. If the tenant is away for a fixed period, the studio is an ideal choice as extra accommodation: a few months of study, a mission of a few weeks for work...


The demand for studio rentals has increased in recent years. This phenomenon can be linked to the annual increase in the number of students to be housed and whose favorite research, in terms of housing, is that of the studio. The proliferation of supply in recent years has opened up the field of possibilities for applicants, even if, on average, prices are constantly increasing. The studio rental offer is very large in large cities and particularly in large student cities.


Do not hesitate any longer, the studio promises you a pleasant living environment!


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