Our vision of better rentals

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A way of renting that’s efficient and fair, based on a more simple and personal experience. In practice: understandable language, streamlined procedures and unfailing support.

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Studapart’s mainspring. A dream shared and carried by a passionate team, in everyone’s best interest.

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How is Studapart building better rentals?

Shaping rentals around innovation

Our modern lives require efficiency and flexibility in everything we do. We move more and more, for shorter periods of time. We come up with solutions that make rentals simple and safe, no matter their duration.

Shaping rentals around experience

Rentals aren’t just about real estate: it’s a global life experience. Rental application, signing the lease, taking out home insurance… Studapart is empowering its users so they can own their rentals, too.

Shaping rentals around people

Home is a feeling, and it should be a good one. Studapart decides to address rentals in a more personal way. You’re not alone here: we support you all the way through, until the end of your rental.

Experience a better way of renting!

  • Streamlined steps
  • 100% of verified ads
  • Seamless support, even after booking