How to rent an apartment without a guarantor?

When a tenant starts looking for an apartment or rental accommodation, he must start by putting together his rental file. This file brings together a certain number of documents and information necessary to present yourself to the owners.


The guarantor criterion is often requested and recommended when looking for a rental. While it is often advisable to have a guarantor, it is not an obligation. It is quite possible to find a lease in which the absence of a guarantor is not a problem.


Several solutions and alternatives exist and Studapart has gathered them for you in this article!


What is a guarantor?


A guarantor is a very important criterion in the development of a rental file. It is the person who acts as guarantor, that is to say, who undertakes to pay the rent of the tenant if the latter is unable to pay it.

The guarantor must present certain assets, in particular financial, to have weight in a rental file. The guarantor is like insurance that guarantees the landlord that the payment of the rent will be guaranteed each month. It is often asked to add the last payslips of the guarantor, or any document referring to real estate properties. In short, it is necessary to gather all the proof of the solvency of the guarantor which allows the owner to have the certainty that his rent will be paid. If the income of the tenant's guarantors is higher than the rent, the landlord can ensure that the rent will be paid.


The guarantor is generally a relative such as a relative who can get involved and can help in finding an apartment. For example, for students or young professionals, it is the parents or grandparents who act as guarantors to support the candidacy of the future tenant and also pay the rent.


In some cases, the guarantor can be an institution or an organization. Action Logement brings together all the aid for tenants under 30. The Visale Guarantee allows the tenant who cannot find a guarantor to find one with this state aid.


Do I have to have a guarantor to rent?


The use of a guarantor as part of a rental contract is very common, especially for the riskiest tenants. In the event that the tenant does not have a stable or sufficiently high income, it is recommended to call on a guarantor. Some landlords and real estate agencies may make this a requirement. But in reality, the guarantor is not an obligation.


4 solutions for renting an apartment without a guarantor:


There are several solutions in the case of a tenant who is unable to obtain a guarantor.


The Visale guarantee with Action Logement


Action Logement is an organization that brings together all the financial aid that is made available to tenants under 30 in order to support them in accessing rental accommodation.


The Visale guarantee is one of these devices. This guarantee was put in place in 2016 to help people under 30 to access rental accommodation. This is a way to get a guarantor easily. The request is made online. In a few days, a feedback is made on the eligibility of the person who can quickly obtain confirmation that he can present the Visale guarantee to his owner. This certification is a real insurance and proof of security for the owner because this guarantee covers the costs of the rent in the event of non-payment.


Joint surety with organizations


There are several organizations that act as guarantors in the form of joint sureties. These are private companies that are responsible for paying the rent in the event of unforeseen circumstances for the tenant. By signing a contract with one of these organizations, the tenant can add it to his rental file and the lessor will thus have the guarantee that his rent will be paid each month.


These alternatives are not without cost. The tenant subscribes to a contract with one of these private organizations and thus pays each month a certain amount which makes it possible to have the guarantee of the support of the organization in the event of absence of payments.


Several organizations exist in France such as GarantMe or Cautioneo.


The Strudapart Guaranteed Profile


The Guaranteed Profile improves your rental file with landlords and increases your chances of being chosen for a rental contract.


This profile offered by Studapart is a way to prove your solvency to landlords and to prove that you are not a risky tenant. This reassures them and further encourages them to select you as a tenant.


To set up its guarantee, Studapart is in partnership with Allianz and acts as guarantor for you throughout the duration of your rental lease.


The Guaranteed Profile is a simple and very quick way to certify your tenant profile. Indeed, the owners trust Studapart and this certification.


How to obtain Studapart's guaranteed profile? It is very simple !


All you have to do is connect to the Studapart platform, go to the “menu” tab and select the “guaranteed profile”. Then follow the steps that are given on the page.


When the service is activated on your account, a badge will appear next to your profile and will be proof for your landlord that your profile has been guaranteed by Studapart. This certification remains active for 6 months after you have completed the online process.


The flatshare option


If it is impossible to find guarantors, the choice of colocation can be an extremely simple and effective option.


Firstly, because it happens that landlords are content to have a single guarantor on the colocation lease. In this case, it is sufficient that the roommates agree to determine the guarantor to have. The solidarity clause of the lease allows the guarantor to ensure that the other roommates will not leave him to pay the rents alone indefinitely in the event of unforeseen events. This option allows one of the roommates to take advantage of the other's guarantor even though he does not have one himself.


In another situation, the joint tenancy can also be in the name of only one of the joint tenants and does not pose any problem for joint tenants without a guarantor. It is recommended to find yourself in this situation with people you trust to avoid breaking promises at the last minute. Indeed, the guarantor can only refer to the word of the tenants who undertake to reimburse him in the event of non-payment: no contract is signed in this case.


Discover Studapart's advice and the Studapart Guarantee option : the Studapart team has gathered for you in an article all the tips you need to know for renting an apartment without having a permanent job. Read our article!

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