What is a guarantor?

This term comes up a lot during the rental process, but many tenants aren’t comfortable with it. Studapart is here to help. 

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What is a guarantor

The guarantor plays a crucial role in rentals

What is the purpose of a guarantor?


When looking to rent a place, you're almost always asked to have a guarantor. A guarantor is someone who recognizes that you are reliable: it gives the landlord confidence. The guarantor is usually someone from your family or your close relatives. Sometimes, the guarantor can also be an organization. The guarantor's income must be 3 to 4 times higher than the rent, and landlords prefer guarantors who have their income domiciled in France as a matter of convenience. On these grounds, it can be quite tricky to find accommodation in France without having a French guarantor. 

Who can be my guarantor? 

In 87% of cases, the guarantor is usually a family member. When such is the case, the landlord usually asks the guarantor to meet certain criteria, especially regarding his income. Landlords often require that the guarantor has a salary 3 to 4 times higher than the rent. In this way, they are almost certain that the guarantor will be able to pay the rent if needed. 

In 5% of rentals, the guarantor is a friend. Tenants can also use state mechanisms such as Visale. But the Studapart Guarantee remains a simpler solution. 

Why is it so important? 

The guarantor is essential in the process of finding and booking accommodation. It allows the landlord to be reassured about the payment of the rent. For the tenant, having a good guarantor allows him to stand out from other candidates by having a more solid file. It is often the main criterion that allows the landlord to choose the future tenant of his dwelling..

Studapart can become your guarantor

Some tenants can’t have a guarantor


Having a solid guarantor maximizes your chances of finding a place, but sometimes it just isn’t possible. For example, international tenants can only provide information about a foreign guarantor. This involves administrative formalities that landlords would rather avoid. Many landlords refuse to rent to international tenants for this reason. 

But at Studapart, we believe that the chances should be the same for everyone. If your guarantor does not meet the owner's requirements or is not French, you still have all your chances! 

How does it work ?


If you don't have a solid guarantor, the landlord will have the possibility to include the Studapart Guarantee at the time of booking your accommodation.  In partnership with Allianz, Studapart covers your rental over the whole duration of your stay.


If you have activated the Guaranteed Profile before booking your accommodation, the Studapart Guarantee will be free for you. The Studapart Guarantee is the ideal solution to reinforce your rental application and maximize your chances of finding your dream home! 

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