préparer arrivée en france étudiants étrangers

Checklist: foreign students, prepare your arrival in France

Summer time very often rhymes with holidays or a moment of relaxation, but when you have a trip, registration and a move to prepare, you can very quickly find yourself overwhelmed. This is why Studapart has prepared for you a checklist of everything you will need to prepare for your arrival in France!


Foreign students, prepare your arrival in France!


International students, in order to best prepare for your arrival in France, here are some important steps not to be overlooked:


  • Remember to notify your landlord in France if you have booked accommodation, as well as your school on the day of your arrival.
  • Plan your means of travel in France. By finding out about your host city, you can more easily determine which are the most common and the travel times between the different places.
  • Check your budget and the availability of money on your bank card in France. If the latter is not yet usable, anticipate with cash.
  • Check the weather forecast for France to be sure to bring the essentials in terms of clothing for the season and for the temperature.
  • Don't forget your health pass and your screening test. Your health record will be useful to you once you arrive in France.


If you have completed all of these steps, now is the time to make a checklist of the documents you will need.

What documents do you need to have?


Before taking the plane or the train to Bordeaux or Montpellier, remember to check that you have in your possession all the documents necessary for your trip and your installation. Here is a checklist for you of the different documents to have:


Identity documents


  • an ID,
  • a valid passport,
  • a birth certificate translated into French if it is written in another language as well as its original,
  • a driving license if you plan to drive in France.


Documents relating to your trip


  • your train or plane tickets,
  • your trip from the airport to your place of residence in France.


Documents relating to your studies


  • your certificate of registration in a French higher education establishment,
  • a language level certificate if French is not your mother tongue or if you have not studied in a French school,
  • your previous diplomas and transcripts translated if not written in French as well as the originals.


Documents relating to your installation


  • the reservation of your printed accommodation,
  • the documents requested for entry into the accommodation,
  • the list of contact details of your contacts in France.

What administrative procedures are essential to study in France?


If you wish to study in France, certain administrative procedures are necessary to do beforehand and as soon as you arrive in the territory.


To begin with, begin your procedures for obtaining a visa at least one month before your arrival in France if you are not a national of a European country. Submit your request to the French Consulate or Embassy in your country of residence as soon as you obtain an admission certificate from your establishment. The visa will not be necessary if you are a national of a country of the European Union.


As soon as you arrive in France, if you have a long-stay student visa requiring validation, consider taking all the necessary steps on the website For this you will need a valid email address, information on your visa, your date of arrival in France and your residential address in France. To pay the tax for issuing the residence permit, do not hesitate to go to the tobacconists if you do not yet have a payment card.


Other administrative procedures not to be overlooked are the acquisition of the CVEC, i.e. the student and campus life contribution, which is essential to finalize your registration in your establishment.


If you are not a European student, also remember to subscribe to the French social security system by connecting to the Ameli website. Go to the site after registering at your establishment. For European students, remember to pay for your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which you can request in your country of residence.

Book your accommodation in advance with Studapart


Remember to book your accommodation in advance to facilitate your arrival in France. With Studapart, you can undertake your search for accommodation remotely from your country of origin. An online accommodation booking platform, Studapart supports you throughout the process. With more than 170,000 verified ads listed on the site and available everywhere in France, the field of possibilities is open to you.


To start, there is nothing simpler! All you have to do is register on the website and complete your rental file with all the supporting documents. As a student, you will be asked for a guarantor residing in France to support your application. If you do not have a guarantor who lives in France, Studapart has the solution for you. With the Guaranteed Profile, you will be able to claim housing without worry.


Through Studapart messaging, discuss with the owners about the different accommodations, and as soon as your accommodation is validated, receive a reservation proposal from the owner. Accept the proposal and pay online in a totally secure way the first rent and the security deposit. Renting a home has never been so easy!


Our team of experts remains at your disposal for all your questions and to help you find the accommodation you need, whether in a residence, in a studio or even in shared accommodation. Once you arrive in France, all you have to do is drop off your suitcases in your new home.


There you are, you are ready to embark on new horizons for a new student life! Studapart wishes you a very good trip and enjoy your stay in France.

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