What are the differences between a T1 and a studio?

In real estate jargon, different terms are used to categorize housing by taking into account the number of rooms that compose them, excluding the kitchen and the bathroom. We are therefore talking about a studio for an apartment with a single room including an open kitchen, a T1 for a housing with a main room and a separate kitchen, a T2 for a housing with a bedroom and so on. It is important to know these matches when looking to rent or buy an apartment, in order to be able to focus your search and target relevant apartments. It is often difficult to differentiate certain types of accommodation, this is the case between studios and T1. So in this article, we are going to look at the differences between the studio and the T1.

What is the difference between a studio and a T1?


Studios and T1s are frequently confused. It is true that the difference between the two is subtle, but it is not negligible and can make all the difference!


A studio consists of a single room in which we find the living space, the sleeping area and a small kitchen open to the rest of the room. Only the bathroom is separated from the rest of the accommodation.


In a T1, there is still only one living room also including the sleeping area and a separate bathroom, but the kitchen is in a separate room from the rest of the apartment.


The difference between the studio and the T1 is therefore exclusively linked to the layout of the kitchen: open or in a dedicated room. To summarize :


  • a studio = open kitchen
  • a T1 = kitchen in a separate room from the rest of the accommodation


The main characteristics of a T1


A T1 is always composed of a kitchen independent of the rest of the accommodation, that is to say that a closed room is dedicated to it. The rest of the apartment consists of a separate bathroom and a living room that also serves as a sleeping area. The advantage of the T1 compared to the studio is that it means you don't have to cook in the same place as where you sleep; which can be unpleasant considering the smells.


The kitchens being separate, they are also often more equipped and functional than in the studios. There is generally more storage and more efficient household appliances. Conversely, in the studios, we speak of kitchenettes.

Did you know ? Unlike a kitchen, a kitchenette is a small space open to the rest of the home, consisting of the minimum for cooking and which must be optimized with suitable small appliances.


The T1 is an ideal choice for a person living alone or a young couple. However, you have to be careful about the living area because a T1 is not necessarily bigger than a studio!


However, there are also T1 bis. It generally corresponds to a one-bedroom apartment with a main room and an additional mezzanine or alcove. This separate space can often be used as a bedroom or office. Thus, the rooms of the accommodation are maximized and the space corresponds to two people. The T1 bis represents a good alternative for those for whom a studio is too small and a T2 too expensive.


The main characteristics of a studio


A studio has only one room comprising the sleeping area, the living room and the kitchen or kitchenette. Only the bathroom is separated from the rest of the accommodation. However, it may happen that the bathroom is in the form of a shower cabin directly located in the living room and that the toilets are shared on the landing.


When you live in a studio, you get used to doing everything in the same room: cooking, relaxing, eating, sleeping, etc. The advantage of the studio is to have a small cozy space where everything is within reach and easy maintenance given the small space. However, it is necessary to show ingenuity to arrange your accommodation in a functional way while maintaining its comfort.


Studios are often very popular with students since they are ideal accommodation for a single person who is moving in for the first time. They are also the most economically attractive given the price of rents for this type of accommodation.


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