What is a T3 apartment?

A three-room apartment is an apartment that contains three rooms, generally a living room and two bedrooms. This is the ideal type of accommodation for students considering a shared apartment.


Qu'est-ce qu'un appartement T3 ?

What is a T3 apartment?


When looking for accommodation, whether it is an apartment or a house, the first criteria to define are the location of the accommodation, its size and the number of rooms. Generally, students opt for a one-room apartment (a studio, a T1 or a T1 bis). They plan to live alone in a dwelling known to be temporary. In addition, the offer is plentiful and the rent affordable.


But for different reasons, you may prefer a larger accommodation: two rooms, three rooms or more. We therefore enter a type of housing T2, T3 or more. These apartments can be chosen by the students because they allow them to be shared with several people. Co-location (or even subletting) is indeed a very common way of life among students. An apartment with separate bedrooms is therefore ideal.


What is T3 accommodation? Definition





By definition, a T3 accommodation (or F3 when it is a house) contains three rooms: a living room (or living room) and two bedrooms. A kitchen area, or kitchenette, can be integrated into the living room, but you can also find a closed kitchen, this does not change the name T3. The bathroom and the toilet are of course separate (and may only be one room).


The apartment can also have a mezzanine, an alcove or a small additional room. To be recognized as a “room”, in the legal sense of the term, it must measure at least eight square meters and have a ceiling height of 1.80 meters or more. On the other hand, if the kitchen or the bathroom are more than eight square meters, they cannot be counted as rooms themselves.


The living area of ​​an apartment has been calculated very precisely since 1996. The Carrez law requires that the space occupied by walls, partitions, steps, cupboards and all places with low ceilings (less than 1.80 meters) be removed from the floor area. The Boutin law (2009) provides other elements of calculation: that of heated or unheated rooms. Thus the external outbuildings, such as balconies, terraces, etc. are not included in the square meter count. Landlords generally call on an expert to carry out this calculation, generally a real estate diagnostic professional.


What is the difference between a T2 and a T3?



If you are asked about the difference between a T2 and a T3, the answer is simple: it's the number of pieces that makes the difference. T3 contains one more bedroom than T2. This does not always mean that the T3 is larger, in area, than the T2. The T3 can for example have three rooms of 10 square meters and the T2 two rooms of 20 square meters. So it is not the number of rooms that determines the size of the apartment, nor its price, nor its rent.



A T3, like a T2, can be offered to you as a duplex, that is to say an apartment built on two floors, with an internal staircase that connects the two. This is a solution that can be very practical in the context of a shared apartment.


How to arrange a T3 in colocation?


If you are renting a T3 together, the ideal is to have one person per room and have the living room in common. This is what we recommend. Beyond two people, this certainly reduces the cost of rent for each, but it becomes more complicated. If a person chooses to sleep in the main room, they will have to deal with the passage of the other two roommates. It may be bearable for a fortnight, but hardly more. When planning a roommate, keep in mind that it should last a little over nine months, and there are ups and downs during that time. It is therefore better for everyone to have their own room with their independence and privacy.


What to share and what to preserve


Usually, the office area, with the computer and books, is located in everyone's bedroom. The place is perfect for working as you wish, without interference from the roommate. However, sometimes the desks are located in the main room, where only one office is shared. It seems idyllic at first glance, but it requires a perfect understanding between the two roommates. If you don't know much about the person you're renting your two-bedroom apartment with yet, it's best to make sure by considering your office in your bedroom.


However, there is nothing to prevent common elements from being shared in the main room. Wi-Fi, for example, should be placed in the living room rather than in one of the bedrooms. You can also provide a large shelf to store your books and other items together. You can also share the TV. Ideally, think carefully about what you can share, so that you don't clutter up each bedroom.


Do not infringe on the comfort of the roommate


The main room should not become the object of your decorative delusions. The decor should be sober so that it suits both roommates. Small personal touches should therefore be avoided unless they receive the full approval of your roommate.


There remains the kitchen and the bathroom. These are two places where the rules must be made upon the installation of the two roommates. Water rooms are places where you appreciate your own comfort and not appreciate the quirks of others. You must therefore take care to store your things, to leave the place clean and not to encroach on the comfort of the roommate. Otherwise, high tensions guaranteed!


How to find three-room accommodation with Studapart?


With Studapart, it becomes easier to find a three-room apartment or any other type of accommodation. A large number of verified and controlled advertisements are available to you on our website and they cover all cities in France.


If one of them interests you, you have the option of getting in touch with the lessor, without an intermediary. You can even chat live with chat (instant messaging). the opportunity to ask all the questions to the main interested party: the location of the apartment, its condition, its history, etc. Take the opportunity to set an appointment for a visit.


Another advantage of joining Studapart is to be able to benefit from a deposit. With the Studapart Guarantee, you no longer need to look for a guarantor in your entourage. It is a reliable and recognized surety. When the “Guaranteed Profile” badge appears next to your name when you request an apartment, it reassures the landlord. He knows he is dealing with a serious organization, and therefore a reliable tenant.


Finally, Studapart remains at your side for the duration of the rental until the end of the lease. We are with you to solve the small worries of rental life and allow you to devote yourself fully to your studies and your student life.


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