how to pay the French “taxe d’habitation” online

How to pay the French “taxe d’habitation” online

France is famous for its sweet art of living. However, this beautiful art of living has a cost: indeed, France is one of the highest tax-paying countries in Europe, just behind Denmark. Therefore, it is not surprising to learn that property owners must pay various taxes in France. Among them are the property tax (taxe foncière) and the housing tax, also known as “taxe d’habitation” in French. 


As of 2023, homeowners must no longer pay the “taxe d’habitation” on their main residence. However, there is an exemption to this general disappearance. Indeed, the “taxe d’habitation” is only paid on secondary houses and additional residences. 


Consequently, this means that the “taxe d’habitation” must still be paid by foreign residents who are owners of a secondary house in France. However, thanks to the Internet, French authorities have opened a dedicated online service for property owners to allow them to fill in a declaration form and pay this tax online. 


Do you have a secondary house in France? Do you consider buying a secondary residence in France? Then, you will probably deal with the “taxe d’habitation”. If you want to know how to proceed, this article will tell you how to pay the ‘taxe d’habitation” online.


What is the French “taxe d’habitation” (Housing Tax)?


The French “taxe d’habitation” is a housing tax paid on local property. The “taxe d’habitation “ is determined by French local and regional councils, and the proceeds of this tax are spent on community services such as schools or public nurseries.


The taxe d’habitation is based on the notional rental value of the property multiplied by the tax rate fixed by the local and regional councils. The French local authorities also take your personal taxable income situation into account to calculate the amount to pay.


Who is liable to pay “taxe d’habitation”?


The people liable to pay the “taxe d’habitation” are French residents and foreign non-residents who are owners of a secondary residence in France. This means that if you are a foreigner working in France, and that you are the owner of your main property in this country, the “taxe d’habitation” will not apply to you.


Moreover, it is worth noting that the local council will add additional charges to the “taxe d’habitation” if your secondary house is in a “zone tendue”, i.e., an area where there is known housing shortage. The idea behind these additional charges is to avoid empty properties in these areas. 


As of 2023, the areas where there is housing shortage in France are: Ajaccio, Annecy, Arles, Bastia, Bayonne, Beauvais, Bordeaux, Draguignan, Fréjus, Genève-Annemasse, Grenoble, La Rochelle, La Teste-de-Buch, Arcachon, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Meaux, Menton-Monaco, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice, Paris, Saint-Nazaire, Sète, Strasbourg, Thonon-les-Bains, Toulon, and Toulouse. 


How to pay tax if you are non-resident in France?


During the last quarter of the year, you will receive an tax assessment notice showing the amount of your “taxe d’habitation”. Also, you can consult it on your personal space on the website of the French tax administration: Like the other taxes (such as the “taxe foncière”) , the notice also indicates the deadline of the payment. 


Generally, you must pay the “taxe d’habitation” no later than mid-November every year. However, if you pay your “taxe d’habitation” online, you will benefit from an extended deadline of five days.


Since 2019, it is compulsory to pay every tax superior to €300 by dematerialized means. Paying your “taxe d’habitation” as a non-resident in France depends on the country in which your bank account is located.


If you have a bank account opened in France or Monaco, you can pay your “taxe d’habitation” by:


  • Direct online payment
  • Monthly direct debit
  • Direct debit on the due date
  • SEPA interbank payment order
  • Payment by cheque


If your bank account is opened outside France or Monaco, then you can pay your annual housing tax by direct online payment or by special monthly debits.


As a non-resident, paying your “taxe d’habitation” online every year is the easiest way to go. Here is the process to follow:


  • Go to the website of the French tax administration:
  • Click “Votre espace particulier” in the top right
  • Then, click the button “Payer en ligne”
  • Enter your “numéro fiscal” (tax identification)
  • Click “Continuer”
  • Click “Payer en ligne” at the bottom right
  • Enter the reference number of your tax assessment notice found on the top left of your document
  • Check that the amount to pay is similar to the one listed on your tax assessment notice
  • Add your IBAN and the name of the holder of the bank account
  • Click “Valider”
  • Click the box near “Je valide le mandat autorisant l’administration fiscale à présenter des ordres de prélèvement sur le compte bancaire ouvert à mon nom.”  You can find this box just below the IBAN details you entered above
  • Scroll down and enter your email
  • Click “Continuer”
  • You will arrive at the page called “Récapitulatif des informations saisies”. This is a summary of your declaration. Check the information is correct and that everything looks good
  • If everything is fine, then click “Valider”


After you validate your information, you will receive an automatic reply message in your email. Click the PDF document enclosed in your confirmation message and save the declaration contained within.


From now on, you know how to pay your “taxe d’habitation” online. Feel free to contact us if you need more information.

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