Who to inform when moving house?

Change of address, new home and new life. You have just moved, you have warned family, friends, neighbors… But who else? It is important to communicate your new address to a good number of organizations, by legal obligation or for practical reasons: taxes, CAF, the bank, insurance, your employer… Studapart offers you the list of organizations to notify so you don’t !

Which public administrations should you notify of your move?


Town hall, prefecture and tax centers must know where to find you, and usually for good reasons. It is therefore important to communicate your new address to them.


The town hall(s)


If you change city or town, you must inform the town hall of the town you are leaving of your move but also the town hall of the town that welcomes you. The town hall of the city in which the accommodation you are leaving is located can thus put an end to the charges relating to the collection of household waste, for example.


Declaring your new address to the town hall of your new municipality will quickly give you access to the many services offered by the municipality. The town hall can in particular proceed to your registration on the electoral rolls so that you can vote in your new locality.


This notification to the town hall will allow you to change your address on your identity card and passport, even if it is not mandatory. Your identity papers remain valid until their expiration date even if the address is no longer the correct one. You can wait until the end of the validity to make the changes.


The prefecture(s)


If you change locality, you must also report your change of address to the prefectures of the locality you are leaving and the locality that welcomes you. It is compulsory to declare pets considered as NAC to the new locality, for example.



Your move is also of interest to administrations at national level. You must therefore communicate your new address to the tax office. You can send it a registered letter or make the change online via the site www.impots.gouv.fr. The change of domicile will also be notified on your next tax return.

Which social organizations should you notify about your move?


It is important to report your change of address to all organizations that you perceive:

  • refunds,
  • pensions,
  • financial aid
  • or allowances.

Health insurance


Notifying Social Security of the change of address is all the more important as your change of address often means a change of health insurance fund. To communicate your new address, you can go to the site www.ameli.fr and log into your personal space to change the address in your contact details.


Otherwise, you can send a letter to the CPAM at your old address so that it can carry out the change formalities itself. You will then quickly receive the address of your new allowance fund. However, it does not change the social security number, which you keep all your life wherever you are.

Complementary health


Who says health insurance says complementary health, which is also called "mutual". The change of address should be made as quickly as possible to be sure that the mutual's data correspond to those of Social Security and to avoid a refund being blocked just because of a different address. All you have to do is send a letter or an email to the mutual, but it is also possible to make the change in the personal area of ​​the website of the mutual in question.

Family allowances and the MSA


If you are eligible for social services (family allowances, APL, activity bonus, RSA), you must notify CAF of your move. This can avoid some hassles such as no longer receiving transfers due to incorrect data. The procedure is very simple: all you have to do is go to the website www.caf.fr, connect to your personal space and make the changes.


If you are a beneficiary of the Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA), the change of address must also be reported as soon as possible. It is possible to do it yourself in the private area of ​​the site www.msa.fr but also in the classic way by registered mail.


You can check with CAF or MSA to see if you are eligible for the moving allowance, a recent state measure that mainly concerns large families.


The pension fund


If you are retired, you must also declare your new address to the retirement fund which pays your pension. Go to the website of the organization concerned, unless you prefer to send a registered letter.

What other organizations to notify in the event of a move?


In addition to public bodies, it is also necessary to alert the private companies that provide your energy, your access to the Internet, to banks, to insurance, to the Post Office… These changes are not compulsory but should simplify your life!

Suppliers (energy, access, etc.)


The termination of gas or electricity contracts does not automatically trigger in the event of a move. You must therefore alert your energy suppliers and your Internet service provider. They often offer to accompany you in the move so as not to escape the competition.

The bank


Although today most of the information is transmitted online, we recommend that you let your banker know your new address. For the bank, your new address will also be practical for managing accounts. You will be assigned a new agency, closer to your new home.


Many large brands still operate "regionally", meaning that if you change locality, the bank will probably have to make a cash transfer.


Please note: If the bank tries to make you pay for this transfer, we have the right to refuse. You don't have to pay its internal management fees.

The insurance


Just like your banker, your insurers need to know your new address. This will be inevitable for the home insurance contract, as it will be necessary to terminate the old one and take out a new one. If your insurer is also your bank (which is more and more frequent), you will need to ensure that the change of address communicated to the bank has been made on all insurance contracts.

The post office


An interesting process can also be taken with the Post Office, which offers a change of address service. For six months or a year, all mail addressed to you at the old address will automatically be redirected to the new one. This service is chargeable.


Should you notify your employer of your move?

Notify your employer of your move


Your employer is the first person (natural or legal) to whom you must communicate your new address. Even if we now live in a computerized world, your employer sometimes needs to send you a letter by post, most often by registered mail, and this for purely legal reasons. He must therefore know your postal address.


The procedure for reporting your change of address to the company that employs you has no particular form. It depends on the internal functioning of the company. This can be done orally or by email, but also by registered mail if you want to ensure that the information is transmitted correctly. In administrations and large structures, you can ask the personnel department (or the human resources department) which path to take. Then remember to check on your next pay slip that the new address has been validated.

Notify organizations related to your job or activity


If you are registered as a job seeker, you must of course communicate your new address to Pôle Emploi. If an advisor is assigned to you, you can communicate it to him by e-mail, but the safest procedure is to go through the site www.pole-emploi.fr, to connect to your candidate area and to modify the information of your profile.


If you are self-employed or self-employed, the change of address generally implies the change of address of your business. In this case, you must inform URSSAF of your new address. The website on which you make your turnover declarations also allows you to change the address of your company's headquarters.


One last tip: use this article to make your checklist of organizations to notify in the event of a move. Now it’s time for you to embark on your new adventure!

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