Energy voucher: financial assistance for your bills

Every year, the French are more and more concerned about the amount of their energy bill. These costs correspond to the gas and electricity consumption of a household. In 2021, for example, a survey by BPI France revealed a 3.3% increase in the price of energy in France. This increase varies according to the suppliers but remains global in all the local authorities. The price of these consumptions soars a little more each year so that some decide to lower their heating consumption even in winter. In order to deal with this social problem and prevent the population from finding themselves in difficult situations, it was decided to create financial aid for the most modest households who are suffering from this increase in the cost of their electricity bills. energy.

Thus, since 2018, the State has set up an energy check which is a financial aid for the households most in economic difficulty. This energy check can be used to pay an energy bill (gas and electricity) or for energy renovation work.


Who has the right to benefit from it? How do you know if you can apply for this help? What are the steps to take ? What is the amount of this energy check? Studapart answers all your questions!



What is the energy check? Definition


The energy check was set up in 2018 to replace the previous social assistance schemes for electricity and gas. Concretely, it is a check allowing you to pay your gas and electricity bills, a little like the restaurant tickets to which many companies give access to pay for lunches. In France, energy bill prices have been rising for several years. This check turns out to be a great help!


This check can be used to pay your gas and electricity bills but also to help you finance your energy renovation work which can lower your energy bills. Indeed, the amount of the energy bill corresponds to the consumption of your accommodation. If the accommodation is in poor condition, that is to say poorly insulated or with a boiler that is too old, consumption can explode and the bill will not be representative of your real energy needs. For example, windows that are too old let the cold through in winter and force you to significantly increase your heating consumption. It’s the same pattern for your walls as well as your floors. If you are a tenant, do not hesitate to request a window change from your landlord. Otherwise, use the energy check to carry out energy renovation work that will save you energy all year round. It is also important to monitor the condition of your boiler: a boiler that is too old is synonymous with overconsumption of energy. Change is therefore essential. You can choose your boiler according to the energy used: natural gas boilers are much more expensive than electric boilers, for example. Opt for the most economically attractive solution. If the amount of work may represent too high a cost for your household, rest assured because the energy check is made to support you in these expenses. Also, this work will allow you to save energy all year round and therefore reduce the amount of your energy bills.


The energy check is a social aid that has been set up to financially support French people affected by the increase in the price of electricity and gas. This is why the energy check is not distributed to all French households but is allocated subject to means testing. A threshold is determined, only households below this income threshold can benefit from it.


Who to send it to? Directly on the internet! Go to the website and fill in the number of your check, the references of your energy contract and validate your file. The check will be deducted from your next bill.


If you are not too comfortable with the procedures on the internet, you can also send it by post. The addresses of suppliers can easily be found on the internet.



Energy voucher: who is eligible?


The energy check is a social aid distributed by the State. This means that it is intended for the most modest households. The eligibility condition is therefore that of income: if your income is below the eligibility threshold, you will therefore be able to benefit from the energy voucher.


The reference tax income which determines the eligibility of households for this financial aid was 10,700 euros per year. In 2022, this threshold was increased to reach 10,800 euros and therefore allows more French people to benefit from the energy voucher. On the other hand, all French people whose tax household exceeds this sum will not be able to receive the check.



What is the amount of the energy voucher?


The energy check helps the most modest French people to pay their bills relating to their energy consumption. However, not all households receive the same amount. The sum allocated is calculated according to the tax income of the household: the lower the tax income, the higher the amount of the energy voucher.


The amount of the energy voucher varies between 48 euros and 277 euros and amounts to an average of 200 euros. This average has increased by 50 euros since 2018. The maximum amount is allocated to households whose annual income is less than 5,600 euros.


In order to know what amount you can benefit from, you need to know the amount of your tax household as well as the number of parts of your tax household. If you live, your tax household is equal to 1 (if you have no dependent children).


Did you know ? The amount of the check is determined according to the reference tax income which is equal to the sum of household income divided by the number of Consumption Units (CU).


The amount of the check is determined from 4 tax income brackets:


  • the first is that of income below 5,600 euros: it entitles you to an energy check in the amount of 194€;
  • the second is between 5,600 and 6,700 euros: the amount of the energy voucher will then be €146;
  • the third is between 6,700 and 7,700 euros which entitles you to an additional €98 to pay your energy bills,
  • and the fourth corresponds to tax income between 7,700 and 10,800 euros giving the right to an energy check in the amount of €48.


Tax households whose shares amount to between 1 and 2 units can benefit from 63 to 248 euros depending on the range in which they are located.


Finally, tax households whose shares are greater than two units can benefit from 76 to 277 euros, always depending on the range in which they are located.


You can easily find out the amount of your energy check and anticipate your expenses based on this help!

Let's take an example: a family made up of a couple and a child has 1.5 shares in their tax household and must not exceed 19,440 euros to benefit from the check. In the case where the income amounts to 8,563 euros, the household is placed in the fourth bracket and benefits from 63 euros of energy check.



Apply for an energy check


Applying for the energy voucher requires very few administrative procedures and is very easy to access. In reality, it does not require any action!


If you are eligible, you don't have to do anything. It is the Services and Payment Agency (ASP) which holds the list of beneficiaries of the energy voucher and which is responsible for sending it by post. The list is drawn up by the General Directorate of Public Finances.


The energy check will be sent directly to your address so that you can benefit from this state aid. The check is sent between March and April. Once received, you have one year to use your check from March 31 of the year of receipt.


The creation of this financial aid represented by the energy check aims to make access to energy in France fairer. This aid program is in addition to the 5.7 million euros that the French state distributes each year. If you are a student, a recent graduate, a young worker, your end of the month can be problematic at certain times of the year: do not hesitate to find out about the aid and the work you can undertake to save money. on the charges for your accommodation.

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