What are the housing benefits for young workers?

Integration into working life is an exciting period of life which does not spare you some difficulties, especially in terms of housing which represents an important step for the young worker. Whether you are an employee, temporary worker, apprentice, work-study student, trainee or other, it is possible to benefit from housing assistance for young workers.



Housing: what aid exists for young workers?


People under the age of thirty who wish to occupy accommodation have the possibility of applying for one or more financial aids. These are available according to criteria such as income, family and professional situations and of course the age group.


APL (or ALS or ALF) at CAF or MSA


The Family Allowance Fund (CAF) and the Mutuelle sociale agricole (MSA) offer several forms of assistance. These are accessible to everyone, especially students and young people in training (apprenticeship, work-study, professionalization, etc.).


  • personalized housing assistance (APL) is an amount intended to reduce the cost of rent when you are a tenant in approved accommodation or you live in a hostel.


  • the family housing allowance (ALF) is financial assistance for the payment of rent. It is offered to people who have dependents and who are already receiving family benefits. The criteria are different depending on whether you belong to the CAF or the MSA.


  • the social housing allowance (ALS) is financial aid to reduce the cost of housing, intended in particular for occupants of non-agreement housing (not eligible for APL). You can request it if you are not entitled to either the APL or the ALF.


To find out if you can claim aid from CAF or MSA, you can do a simulation either on the CAF website or on the government's My Social Rights website. The APL, ALF and ALS cannot be combined.


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Housing action


Action Logement is an organization that offers different devices to access housing, whether for rent or to become an owner. It is particularly aimed at young people under the age of thirty.


  • In order to facilitate your mobility within the framework of professional training (apprenticeship, work-study contract, professionalization contract, etc.), Action Logement offers Mobili-Jeune assistance which covers part of the costs related to housing, in particular rent. It is reserved for employees of non-agricultural private companies. This aid can be combined with that of the CAF (APL, ALF or ALS).


  • Another system is offered by Action Logement to support professional mobility: the Mobili-Pass assistance, which is a reduced-rate loan that makes it possible to finance costs related to housing and moving. It is reserved for employees of non-agricultural private companies.


  • For employees of companies in the agricultural sector, Action Logement offers Agri-mobility assistance, in the form of a loan or subsidy to finance housing and related costs.


  • To finance the security deposit, Action Logement offers the Avance Loca-Pass, a 0% rate loan. This system is open to young employees, students, people in training and job seekers.


  • To cover any unpaid bills during the lease, Action Logement offers the Visale Guarantee (formerly Loca-Pass guarantee). It is also open to students, employees, job seekers and young people in training.


The FJTs, hostels for young workers


Beyond financial assistance, housing assistance can also take the form of… housing. The FJTs offer people who are new to working life, who are in a situation of professional integration or in the process of mobility, furnished accommodation ranging from one to three rooms.


These accommodations, also called Habitat jeunes, are offered to people aged 16 to 30, whether alone or as a couple (without children). The hostels, present in most major cities in France, generally offer a reception service, a restaurant and a laundry.


Information for registering can be obtained from the website www.habitatjeunes.org (site of the UNHAJ, National Union for Youth Housing) or from the ARFJ, Association of residences and youth centres. In Ile-de-France, you can also contact the ALJT, Association for the housing of young workers.


Residences for young workers


Other collective accommodation is also available for young working people: residences with operations comparable to those of private student residences. They offer furnished accommodation with some common services (reception, laundry, etc.).


These residences for young professionals are managed by organizations whose names are AGEFO, ARPEJ, ADEF or Espacil.



What is the amount of Action Logement aid for young workers?


Action Logement's Mon Job Mon Logement scheme offers aid of €1,000 for young working people to help them find housing near their place of work.



Action Logement assistance for young working people: who is concerned?


Aid from Action Logement is reserved for workers whose gross salary is below one and a half minimum wage. The Mon Job Mon Logement assistance is offered in the context of hiring after a period of unemployment, but also when the young employee seeks to bring his home significantly closer to his place of work in order to limit travel time.



How to subscribe to Action Logement young workers aid?


You can test your eligibility for the scheme on the Action Logement website. You can then create your account and submit your request online. Once sent, your personal space will allow you to follow your file.

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