2020 : Studapart reveals its new brand identity ✨

Emancipation is moving in your first apartment. Independance is thinking bigger. Over the years, we move in as roommates or couples, abroad or in the town next door. Our homes shape our lives. They’re the walls holding our memories and our stories. 


this is not a real estate agency



It goes back to Alex and Amaury’s first apartment search in Paris, when they began their studies in 2012. They founded Studapart 2 years later, with the ambition of shaping the rentals of their dreams.



2020: reinventing our brand

Historically specialized in student rentals, Studapart is now is opening to other tenants to offer renewed rental experiences to a larger number. More than 40 enthusiasts with eclectic backgrounds (creatives, entrepreneurs, postgraduates…) come together everyday to make rentals more simple and personal  - no matter how short. 

Studapart is growing, and our brand identity needed a refresh. Hand in hand with creatives, we reinvented our identity from substance to form, bringing our image more energy and maturity. 



A new signature 

What’s the first thing that comes to you mind when you’re looking for an apartment? The skylight in the living room? A fresh start? No, you just think about the pain and complexity. Housing is a universal need that should be addressed with innovation, and humanity. 


La culture du mieux loger

What brings us together at Studapart is the will to fix the trust crisis on a market that’s seriously opaque: mid and long-term rentals. A market with complex jargon and painful procedures, where tenants are defined by financial criteria and landlords by their distrust. 

We hope Studapart can become a safe space where people can  be at peace with their rentals. A space where our users share a mindset that brings them together around common values of mutual respect and communication. This state of mind drives our mission: to shape better rentals, making them a positive life experience on both sides. 



Join the now, 
Where sharing is made easy,
Where information and help is accessible and clear. 
Join real, 
Where individuals open up, building trustful relationships,
Where diversity is embraced around common values. 
Join others, 
Where everyone can own renting, 
Where we all share the right to experience a home.
Join the community that’s striving to build tomorrow’s rentals. 

Join Studapart.

A smart redesign 


As you may have gathered, dusting off outdated processes on the rental market is what we do best. Our image, too, needed a refresh. Here’s what we’ve come up with. 


Our logo reflects our ambition of making rentals a positive living experience. It has a bold twist. 




Red is Studapart's color of heart. It means warmth, people, and support. 
Green is for energy and optimism. Blue is for trust and safety. 


Couleurs Studapart


Modern, clean, and cheerful.  


Typographie Studapart




A cheeky smile. The half-smile is a core element in our visual identity. It can be brought to life in different manners. 

Livre marque Studapart


Demi-sourire Studapart


Zesty variations that bring some punch. 

Dégradé Studapart


Dégradé Studapart


We're human centric. Our signature circles outline that. The Studapart community is a trusted cocoon for our users. 

Focus Studapart


focus 2_ Studapart


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