How was Studapart created?

In 2012,


Alex and Amaury were looking for a flat in Paris to start their studies. 2 years later, they founded Studapart with the ambition to create the rental experience they would have liked to live: simpler and more human.


"Group visits, dodgy flats, 50-page files, suspicious landlords... We were struck that renting was still so complicated."



With their shared experience as a starting point, they created in 2012, an accommodation website for students. "We launched it in April, six months later we had no money left in the account. No landlords were placing ads on our site. Nothing was happening."


They then entered the 101 projects competition, reserved for young French entrepreneurs under the age of 25 and supported by three web giants: Jacques-Antoine Granjon (Ventes Privées), Marc Simoncini (Meetic) and Xavier Niel (Free). They won €25,000 and created a new version of their marketplace, which was more complete and less restrictive. was born.


"Yet another version of only not as good." A journey full of pitfalls, but thanks to which they identify the needs of students, schools, landlords and professionals, and founded Studapart in 2014. "Our previous failures proved it to us, We had to reinvent everything. We made the choice to develop white label accommodation booking platforms, customised for French schools and universities. Our value proposition: a solution for one of the most complex issues to deal with in welcoming their students, accommodation. We ventured into the field without really knowing what we were getting into, and everything really started with the first contract we sold. In the first year, we signed with fifteen schools. 5-6 large residence managers and dozens of owners joined us. And the adventure continues."


Today, more than 40 passionate people with eclectic backgrounds (creative people, entrepreneurs, postgraduate students, professionals from the private and public sectors, etc.) are working on the rental market on a daily basis to offer everyone a unique, more efficient and serene rental experience.

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