How to find an apartment rental without a permanent contract?

Renting an apartment requires building a file that allows the owner to get to know the candidate better and to assess the reliability and seriousness of his potential future tenant.


Some criteria are more significant than others. The guarantor can be one of the most important criteria, but also the amount of the salary. The type of contract held by the tenant is also an important indication for the landlord.


The Permanent Contract, or CDI, is regularly considered as a security for the lessor since it means that the tenant has little chance of losing his job and therefore of not paying his rent.


On the other hand, it is quite possible to rent an apartment without having a permanent job. Studapart reassures you and gives you all the useful advice to access the rental of your apartment without having a permanent contract.


Renting without a permanent contract: what you need to know


When you start looking for a rental accommodation, it is essential to start by putting together the rental file. This file is necessary to demonstrate to the potential lessor the reliability of your profile. By gathering a certain number of elements, the lessor can get an idea of ​​the profile of his tenant and assess his ability to pay the rent: in other words, the file allows the owner to avoid tenants who will not be able to pay the rent.


This is why the guarantors as well as the salary are important clues that are great assets in a rental file. Also the type of employment contract.


Indeed, a CDI contract can often be more valuable than a fixed-term contract, for example, because it lets you know that the tenant has a long-term income. Sometimes it even happens that landlords expect the tenant to have a salary equivalent to twice the price of the rent. This is why the latest payslips are requested by real estate agencies in the rental file.


If the CDI is not an essential condition for renting an apartment, it is possible to see your application refused more easily in the face of tenants working on a CDI.


On the other hand, not having a permanent contract is not an eliminatory factor in the search for a rental. Other elements can allow access to a rental agreement without problems.


How to compile your rental file to rent without a permanent contract?


Permanent contracts are not the only types of employment contracts found in France. While 75% of French people are on permanent contracts (Statista, 2021 -, a significant part of the population exercises a profession under another type of contract.


Fixed-term contracts


In France, 8% of assets are under fixed-term contracts. This may concern younger generations who quite often start with a fixed-term contract before obtaining a permanent contract.




Employees on temporary contracts are workers who respond to specific assignments that are often quite short.


The self-employed


Assets who have the status of auto-entrepreneur, also often called freelancers, are workers who practice their professions “on their own account”. This means that they organize and decide themselves which missions they will carry out. They are not attached to a company, except their own.




Finally, students are the last potential tenants who can seek a rental contract without having a permanent employment contract. As part of their studies, many students leave their family town to go to a university in another town and complete their studies: nearly half of students leave their family town for their studies (according to the Observatory of Territories in 2018 - This is why many students, unemployed and without income, become tenants without permanent contracts.


All these tenant profiles are not excluded from access to rental. They only have an interest in concentrating more investment on the other elements of the rental file. This can translate into a good guarantor.


5 solutions for renting without a permanent contract


Accompany yourself with a good guarantor


A guarantor is a real rental guarantee for the lessor. It represents an economic guarantee in the event of non-payment. A good guarantor can be measured by his solvency, that is to say his ability to meet his commitments, most often through his financial resources.


In the case of students who have no income, having a reliable guarantor who agrees to pay the rent is sufficient for the landlord.


Action Logement is an organization that brings together all the aid that may correspond to your tenant profile.


Studapart can vouch for you. Find all the information on the Studapart guarantee as well as all our advice for renting an apartment without a guarantor in the following article.


Apply for state financial aid


There are several financial aids to help tenants without permanent contracts to access rental. Once again, financial aid can be found on the Action Logement website. This financial aid thus represents an economic guarantee that allows tenants without a stable job and therefore without a stable income, to meet the first expenses, including rent.


Studapart has gathered all the information you need in the dedicated article. In particular, you will find an article dedicated to the Locapass system.


Opt for shared accommodation


The choice of shared accommodation is a good alternative if you find yourself in a job situation without a permanent contract. Even if the files with CDI are likely to be privileged, it is certain to find a rental contract. Especially since in the case of a roommate, the rent is much lower since it is divided by the number of roommates.


Call on individuals


Some landlords often have fairly fixed criteria in their choice of tenant: the CDI can be one of these criteria.


On the other hand, by appealing directly to individuals, the tenant can increase his chances of accessing the rental contract. First, this alternative makes it possible to avoid agency fees that are often quite high, but also to meet the owner directly. This meeting is an opportunity to explain his situation. For example, a freelance worker can prove stability in his income and break with the idea that only the CDI is synonymous with economic stability.


Many websites bring together a wide range of real estate for individuals. These options allow tenants to gain the landlord's trust directly and have the file accepted, where the institutionalized procedures of traditional agencies can quickly eliminate many files.


Choose less popular accommodation


When the tenant does not have a permanent contract, it is possible that the search for an apartment will take longer, especially in so-called tense areas, i.e. areas where demand is higher than supply. By looking for a rental in less tense areas, the chances are multiplied. Some accommodations are less sought after, such as ground floors or upstairs apartments in a building without a lift: the owner can be less picky about his rental conditions.

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