Young worker: What Solutions for Finding Housing?

Entering adulthood is a big step for every young graduate or young worker. The end of studies or obtaining the first job contract often means looking for housing. It is time to leave the family home and take full independence. Generally, young people look for housing to save money. This is the time to become a tenant in an apartment in a residence, or in a private home, together or alone.

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Young Worker Housing: How to Find an accommodation?


Before searching for your housing, it is necessary to define its criteria. This step begins by determining the budget for rent. In this budget, do not forget to add the housing charges (if they are not already included in the rent), as well as the security deposit requested by the owner. This security deposit is usually recovered at the end of the lease but remains an expense to anticipate for a young worker.


Then, one must choose between living alone or not excluding cohabitation or residence with common living areas to share with included services and furnished accommodation. The second option is often chosen by young workers and students because it allows them to live in a larger place at lower cost since the charges are shared.


Once all these criteria have been set, it is time for the young worker to assemble his rental file which will enable him to apply for housing offers. This rental file contains a set of documents related to his activity, income, potential guarantors and allows the landlord to better know his tenant and make sure he has capacity to pay his rent every month.

Several solutions are available to young people who wish to become tenants while making some savings.


Young Worker Foyer (FJT)


Young worker's foyers are temporary housing offered to young people aged 18 to 25 who are in professional integration. The length of stay can be very short but also last up to two years. These residences offer accommodation ranging from a single room to a three-room furnished apartment. These residences can also offer additional services such as a laundry, gym or library.


In the rental file, the young tenant agrees to pay registration fees on entry as well as monthly rent and a security deposit. This type of housing is eligible for social aids such as APL (Personalized Housing Assistance).




Choosing a flatshare is a way of living in a larger space and at a lower cost. The rent and charges are shared and the living rooms are often larger than in a studio or two-room apartment.


Sharing is also a way to meet new people and get out of your comfort zone. Many students and young people make this choice. Sometimes even shared flats between strangers are established and create new meetings.


Flatshare requires putting together a rental file, providing a security deposit and sometimes a guarantor but also doing an inventory at the time of the tenant's entry into the accommodation.


Flatshare requires setting some rules to ensure the smooth running of the accommodation: a schedule of household chores, shopping, expense organization, and a document summarizing the budget for shared housing. We have listed 10 rules for living together in our article (link to yet unpublished article)!


Young Active Residences


Young active residences are organized on the student residence model. They offer fully furnished and equipped apartments or studios with a personal kitchen and bathroom. Young active residences offer comfort and several services such as internet access, a gym or laundry room.


This allows for greater independence while enjoying the communal life of the residence. This type of social housing is subsidized and therefore eligible for housing allowances.


Appeal for Housing Aid


Finally, young people in employment are entitled to a number of social benefits to help them through this new stage of life.


First of all, the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) is responsible for housing benefits such as APL, ALF and ALS mentioned earlier. A simulation of your profile will quickly tell you if you are eligible for CAF assistance. Discover our article on aid for young workers.


But young workers are also covered by the Action Logement organization which provides aid and promotes employment. The organization may cover certain expenses with Loca-Pass, for example.


Studapart also offers Alloc' by Studapart assistance to help you with your administrative procedures with the CAF. The Family Allowance Fund is a private law institution that pays out housing benefits such as APL or ALS.


Studapart recommends checking with your region or department as there are many regional aids available to help students and young active people at the local level.



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