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Higher education: "I don't want to leave the family cocoon"

Here you are in your final year of high school, ready to obtain your diploma or perhaps even with the Holy Grail already in hand. This is the sign of the end of the first part of your schooling. It's also your ticket to higher education and who says higher education, also says independence and a new life!


This is when many future students have to leave the family cocoon and sometimes reluctantly... Are you apprehensive about leaving your childhood home? Studapart has looked into the matter for you.


What if you want to continue your studies while staying with your parents?


The first question that arises if you want to continue your studies without leaving the family cocoon is that of the distance that separates you from your place of study. If you have good transport links and can make the round trip, it is quite possible to stay there. On the other hand, if the journey is too long, it is an organization that may be complicated to maintain and to combine with your workload in the long term.


If you want to stay with your parents at all costs, several solutions are available to you: choose a place of study nearby, which may force you to make concessions on your orientation; make the round trip each day using public transport or your car; or opt for distance education via an online school.

Otherwise, you can cut the pear in half by planning to live close to your place of study during the week and return every weekend to find your family.


Leaving the family cocoon to study is not automatic


Leaving the family cocoon is not an obligation to continue and succeed in your studies. This is the choice that many students make. Living with your parents can be a good solution to stay focused and feel supported on a daily basis by your loved ones. This choice can be motivated by several reasons: savings, comfort of life, habits, proximity... It also happens that one does not yet feel ready to live alone at the end of high school and that one wishes to spend another a little time with his family before taking his independence.


Some students also choose to continue their studies at a distance through an online school. They have also been widely developed in recent years and now offer certifying diplomas with as much value on the labor market as a traditional course. However, this choice requires a different rigor and organization from a face-to-face course, you have to be sure you can stick to it over the long term to carry out your studies in the best conditions.


Leaving the family cocoon to study: what should you anticipate?


If you finally take the plunge by deciding to leave the family cocoon for your studies, several elements must be taken into account. First the choice of the city: close or far from your family? In France or abroad? It all depends on the training you want to join and your personal desires. Then, the choice of your course: in which field? In college? In school? Alternately? Take into account your areas of interest, sites dedicated to orientation or an advisor can also help you in this choice. Finally, housing must be taken into account: alone? Colocation ? With a member of your family? The cost of rent often provides a first answer to this question.

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