when to search for an apartment for september

When to search for an apartment for September?

As the end of the school year approaches, we start thinking about organizing the following year, especially if it's the first year of higher education. If we don't already know, we wonder about our direction, the institution to enroll in, where we will live, and of course, our housing.


Many students leave their family home at the beginning of their higher education, so it's the first time they will rent a place. Most educational institutions start their academic year in September. If you're leaving your family home, you should plan to settle into your accommodation for the year a little before the start date to approach it calmly. There are always many requests during this period, which can make the search less easy and more stressful.


When should you start your search and the steps to rent your future student accommodation? Don't panic, we'll go through it with you!


The ideal time to start your apartment search for the new academic year coincides with the end of the school years and therefore with the departure of students finishing their courses. This also depends on your personal situation as well as the city in which you will be studying and your budget. The earlier, the better, but if you start too far in advance, the lease contracts for the accommodations you find will begin too early, forcing you to pay rent for months before starting your studies or miss out on attractive offers.


That said, if your budget allows you to rent your accommodation in advance and/or if you want to move in 1 to 2 months before the start of the academic year, you should begin your search before summer. Otherwise, you should be able to find what you're looking for by starting your search in late June or early July.


The ideal way to search for an apartment is to be on-site so you can visit, submit your application quickly, and potentially sign a lease contract. If you don't live nearby, consider planning a trip ahead of time.


How to prepare for your housing search?


To increase your chances of finding the ideal accommodation, you need to be prepared. Start by defining your housing budget. How much can you afford to spend on rent each month?


Consider exploring the various types of financial assistance you may be eligible for.


Research the prices in the city and neighborhoods you are targeting to get an idea. Once everything is defined, you can start putting together a rental application. Complete it properly to avoid scrambling for a document at the last minute, and remember to print multiple copies so you can submit them directly to the landlords of the properties that interest you.


If you do not live near the city where you plan to move for your studies, you should consider planning a visit in advance to view accommodations and start exploring the city.


How to find student accommodation?


Landlords are generally reassured when renting to students, as they usually have guarantors and receive financial aid in most cases, which represents a guarantee of trust for rent payments. In college towns, there is a high turnover; students come and go every year. Therefore, accommodations become available every year around the same time. Several options are available for you to find housing:


Student Residence


Near schools and universities, there are numerous residences dedicated to students. It is possible to rent a furnished and equipped studio at preferential prices. Sometimes, individual rooms with shared common areas are also available. This is a reassuring solution for young students who are starting their first year of study away from home.




Shared housing is a popular accommodation solution for students. It allows them to save money and avoid living alone by sharing everyday life with others, while still maintaining privacy with an individual room. It can be done with people of the same age, but intergenerational shared housing is also gaining popularity.




You can choose to live alone in a studio, which can be a good solution if you like living by yourself or prefer a quiet environment to focus on your studies. It's the least economical option, but it also has many advantages and allows you to be 100% independent.


In any case, Studapart is by your side to help you find your ideal accommodation among the numerous online offers and support you in all your steps to make your life easier and help you focus on your success!



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