How to build a thorough rental application?

Your rental application is like the front door to your home. Properly compiled, it will put the odds in your favor. Conversely, a badly informed application will work against you. Learn more on best practices for your rental application on Studapart! 


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Building up your rental application

Your rental application is essential to finding a home

It reassures the owner... 

A tenant looking for a place to live often has to face the landlords’ mistrust. They are afraid that they don’t receive the rent from the tenant and need to be reassured. The challenge for the tenant is to prove that he will be able to pay rent no matter what. 

…  and allows him to understand better who you are

Beyond your ability to pay rent, the lessor will try to have a better understanding of your profile. He relies on rental applications to choose a tenant among the candidates. A good application is an opportunity to make an impression. 

What are the contents of the rental application?

Compulsory documents

Your rental application must contain: 


  • a photocopy of your valid ID 
  • your last 3 paychecks (or those of your guarantor) 
  • your residence permit 
  • proof of residence (of your current home: EDF quote... ) 

You can give copies of the original documents, but the owner might ask you to provide him with the originals. It’s best to come with the original documents and their copies, so you show the original documents to the owner and then give him the copies. 

Optional documents it’s better to have at hand

In addition to these mandatory elements, there are a number of optional documents. But they’re actually almost always requested and it is important to prepare them in order to provide them when needed. These may include : 

  • Your bank details or those of your guarantor
  • Proof you’re eligible to the CAF’s housing allowances 
  • A certificate from your previous landlord confirming your ability to pay your rent

Information about your guarantor 

Typically, when you’re looking for a place in France, lessors will expect you to have a guarantor and that your application file includes a number of pieces regarding his situation, such as:

  • his last tax notice 
  • a photocopy of his ID 
  • proof he’s employed/paychecks (usually, it’s asked that his income is 3 to 4 times the rent) 
  • if he’s not employed, proof he’s solvent 
  • proof of residence 
  • his 3 last rent receipts 



A little bonus that can make a difference


With all these documents, the rental application can quickly become a bunch of paperwork. You’re a human being, not just a pile of photocopies! You could make a move towards your lessor by joining to your application file a letter in which you tell him about yourself in a more personal way. Put a picture of you, talk about your interests, your background and projects, what you like in the apartment and the neighborhood…

You could tell him about: 

  • why you chose his property and not another
  • your lifestyle, your hobbies...  
  • why you would be a good tenant (you don’t smoke, you will take care of the place…) 

Many tenants don't think of this trick. It will allow you to stand out from the other candidates and increase your chances of finding your accommodation for sure! 

Documents that shouldn’t be asked from you 


There are limits to what the owner can ask from you! He’s not allowed to ask for certain personal documents that aren’t related to rental, such as: 

  • insurance card
  • a screen copy of your bank account
  • a statement from your bank giving out information about the way you manage your bank accounts
  • proof you don’t have debt
  • an authorization for direct debit
  • medical records
  • certificate of criminal record…

This list isn’t exhaustive. Do contact us if you have the slightest doubt! 

How can Studapart help you building your rental application? 

Your steps are made simple

Usually, the rental application file is like the owner’s holy book and he relies almost entirely on it to pick his tenant. Candidates multiply supporting documents in their file and everyone ends up drowned in paperwork. Beyond that, some candidates go as far as falsifying their documents to have a more solid application. 

We for one think that kind of approach is out of date. Especially since it makes things complicated for students, who end up disadvantaged compared to working individuals who have income. 

On Studapart, rental application is made simple! You can manage your file directly from your personal dashboard. You import compulsory documents, and we notify you if stuff’s missing. 

Most importantly, we reduced compulsory documents to the bare minimum. 

The Guaranteed Profile reinforces your rental application

With the Guaranteed Profile, our team of experts verifies the documents of your rental application. Your profile on the plateforme is updated with a badge "Guaranteed Profile",  you will get answers before any other candidates. 

Cherry on the cake, Studapart will become your guarantor if the landlord believes you have a weak portfolio. Without any extra cost. 

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